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Dealing with Mom Anxiety and Depression

January 31, 2018

Three important tips for all who are struggling with mom anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression are debilitating.  Add being a mother to having anxiety and depression and it’s almost too much to handle.  I don’t keep it a secret that I struggle with anxiety and depression.  I’m passionate about overcoming the stigma of metal health disorders and firmly believe they are nothing to be ashamed of or keep hidden.  I have been dealing with a lot of mom anxiety and depression the past few months and, unfortunately, I know a lot of other moms deal with it too!

I am thankful I have never dealt with postpartum depression right after having children.  The first few months are wonderful for me – a great time to bond with my babies and I feel as though I can take on the world.  Then about seven months hits.  All of a sudden I am anxious for no reason.  I feel emotionally paralyzed.  I’m utterly exhausted but can’t sleep.  With Caleb, I chalked it up to him being a difficult baby but, now that it happened again at almost the exact same time with Josiah, I have realized that something happens with my hormones around eight months.  It’s become so freeing, knowing that it’s my hormones, not my mothering, that are making me suffer.

Whether it’s postpartum anxiety and depression, first trimester anxiety and depression, or anxiety and depression that has nothing to do with pregnancy/postpartum hormones, I’ve made a small to-do list for coping that I pray helps you out as well!

How to Deal with Mom Anxiety and Depression

Figure out if something is adding to your anxiety and depression

While I firmly believe that anxiety and depression are often hormonal imbalances, there also are outward stimuli that can add to those hormonal imbalances.  Are you taking on too much at work/volunteering/schedule-wise?  Are you getting enough exercise or sleep?  Are you drinking enough water and eating a healthy diet?  All those things can add to your hormonal imbalances.

Make life changes

Once you know some things that are adding to your anxiety and depression, CHANGE THEM!  Drop commitments, exercise more, make new friends, etc.  On top of that, sometimes you need to see a healthcare provider.  Seeing a counselor or therapist can be a wonderful way to talk through some of the issues plaguing you and come up with healthy coping techniques.  A naturopath can be a great person to see if you need supplements for some of the imbalances going on.  And it’s never a bad thing to see a doctor and discuss the option of getting on some medication to help get your body balanced properly.  Making those changes and seeing those doctors NOW will save you so much turmoil in the long run!

Give yourself grace

When all is said and done, giving yourself grace in times of struggles is key.  Turn to the Lord with your anxiety and depression and He will carry you through.  No, sometimes He won’t take it away – just like sometimes He doesn’t take away an individual’s cancer – but He is always there for you!  It’s not a sin to be struggling with anxiety and depression and the Lord wants you to be a whole, healthy person – free from the weight of that depression.  Don’t feel as though you’re a bad Christian if you’re struggling – your Savior wants to lavish grace on you so you should give yourself grace too.  Grace upon grace upon grace!

Three important tips for all who are struggling with mom anxiety and depression.

Your Turn:
Have you struggled with mom anxiety and depression?
What has helped you get through your anxiety and depression?

Disclaimer: I am NOT a medical professional – this is all my personal opinion.  The information on this site is never intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Please consult a medical provider regarding any questions or concerns you have about your specific health situation.  I long for you to be as healthy as possible and I’m not the one to get you there!  <3

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