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What’s in my Minimalist Diaper Bag?

March 21, 2018

Minimalist diaper bay for toddler AND baby

Once upon a time I wasn’t a mom.  I carried around a cute little purse with my wallet, phone, and maybe a tube of lip gloss.  Now I have two little boys and I can no longer get away with carrying next to nothing when we’re out and about – especially when they get hangry or have a poopy diaper!  Even so, it is my desire to have a minimalist diaper bag and I feel like I’m able to accomplish that pretty well.

Minimalist diaper bay for toddler AND baby

Minimalist Diaper Bag for Mom

  1. Wallet
  2. Chapstick
  3. Pad and Tampon
  4. Hand Purifier

That’s it!  I only keep four things in my diaper bag that are for me.  I haven’t found any reason to keep anything else mama related yet and I’m three and a half years into this mama gig.  Everything is pretty self explanatory…

Minimalist diaper bay for toddler AND baby

Minimalist Diaper Bag for the Toddler

  1. Collapsible Potty Seat
  2. Clean Undies and Pants
  3. Book

Once again, I don’t carry much for Caleb.  He’s potty trained now and VERY rarely has accidents but I still keep a pair of undies and pants in the diaper bag just in case.  He also can be scared to use a big potty so I searched until I found this awesome collapsible potty that can sit on any toilet seat!  He is constantly asking if we brought his “owl” since that’s the picture on it.  And obviously we need a book.  Because of course we do.

Minimalist diaper bay for toddler AND baby

Minimalist Diaper Bag for the Baby

  1. Changing Pad
  2. Three diapers and a Small Package of Wipes
  3. Nursing Cover
  4. Teething Toy
  5. Spare Outfit
  6. Wet Bag
  7. Plastic Garbage Bags for Dirty Diapers (not shown)
  8. Gerber Up-Age Snacks

Yes, that’s all I keep in my diaper bag for the baby!  When Caleb was a baby I brought so much more stuff with me and it was crazy!  With number two, I’ve learned that not a ton of stuff is needed!

Disclaimer: Yes, I do take into account the weather and/or the things we’re doing that day.  Sometimes I throw in sun hats and sunglasses, sometimes we have to bring water bottles, other days we bring gloves and scarves…  That’s just on a day by day basis.  This is the stuff that’s always in there.

Minimalist diaper bay for toddler AND baby

I’ve shared on my blog before that all the guys in my life deal with ridiculous hanger issues.  I’ve learned not to leave the house without food!  The Gerber Up-Age snacks are perfect while on the go.  I’ve even found myself offering them to Nate in times of need.  We love that Gerber has so many options – including Puffs, Yogurt Melts and Lil’ Crunchies – so we never get bored by one type of snack.

The nutritional info on the Gerber Up-Age snacks also makes this mama thrilled!  Whole grains, real fruit and yogurt, and no added artificial flavors or synthetic colors are definitely things I look for in a snack for my guys!  I’ve recently learned that little ones 8-24 months get about 25-30% of their daily calories from snacks!  That shocked me and made me definitely be more aware of what snacks I’m filling my boys up with.  I also learned that 1/3 of 8-24 month olds are not eating whole grains on a given day and 90% of 2 and 3 year olds fall short on MyPlate recommendations for whole grains.  Although I’m pretty sure my boys don’t fall in those categories since they live for carbs and I do my best to have those carbs be whole grains, I still am making myself pay more attention to the grains I’m giving them.

Minimalist diaper bay for toddler AND baby

I’m happy to tell you that I have a coupon for Gerber Up-Age Snacks and you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity to try out the snacks at a discount!

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Your Turn:
What do you have in your diaper bag?
Do you bring your whole house or are you more minimalistic?

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