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10 Things Every Dad Should Teach His Sons

April 27, 2018

There are ten things I believe every dad should teach his sons - and they're not what you'd think!

I’m married to an amazing man.  I know I shouldn’t brag about it but it’s true!  My husband is wonderful and fun and loving and gentle and obviously smoking hot.  He’s the whole package.  No, he’s not perfect but he’s definitely perfect for me.  As our boys get older and their little spirits and personalities are being formed, I’ve loved watching my husband teach them truths and life lessons – both verbally and through his actions.  He finds so much value in raising our sons to be amazing human beings.  Together we compiled a list of ten things every dad should teach his sons.  I can only pray they grow up to be as amazing as their daddy.

There’s something so important that it’s the dad who teaches these attributes to his son.  I’ve already seen that both my boys have a crazy sort of admiration for their daddy.  They want to be with him and be like him more than I thought possible.  Unfortunately, I know that not every family has a father who is able to instill these lessons on his sons whether it’s due to death, emotional absence, divorce, or simply non-existence.  When that is the case, it is so imperative that the mom steps up to teach these attributes and that other men take on a father-like role in boys’ lives.

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There are ten things I believe every dad should teach his sons - and they're not what you'd think!

10 Things Every Dad Should Teach His Sons

To Love

Love is key to so much in life.  I don’t mean romantic love or even friendship love – although those are great!  I mean a deep, intense love for the world.  A love for each and every person who’s path one crosses.  A man should show by his love and care for others and teach his sons to do the same.  His friends, his children, his wife, and all others should be held in an amazing regard and loved immensely!

To Respect Women

You don’t even want to get me started on my feelings about men respecting women.  Women should be treated as equals – because we are!  Men should listen to women, work alongside women, and never-ever-ever-ever-EVER treat a woman as an object.  It’s ok for boys and girls (and men and women) to be friends without the need to romanticize or sexualize it.  P0rn0graphy, ogling women, or anything of that nature is simply not treating women with the respect they deserve.

To be Gentle

There’s something insane about the tough guy attitude.  It is good for a man to be gentle.  A man can be tough, rough-and-tumble, and manly and be gentle as well.  Gentle does not equal wimpy.

To Grow from Failure

Somehow it’s often taught that failure is simply not an option.  That’s a lie.  Failure is a part of humanity and everyone is going to experience it.  It’s what we do with the failure that matters.  Do we let failure define us or do we grow from it?  Boys need to see their dad fail and see how he handles the failure.

There are ten things I believe every dad should teach his sons - and they're not what you'd think!

To Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility can be rare in today’s day and age.  It’s so important that dads teach their sons to take responsibility for their actions – both positive and negative.  If responsibility is taught at a young age, it’s much more likely that a boy will grow into a man who is responsible for his own actions.

To Disagree Politely

You’re never going to agree with everyone.  It’s easy to let disagreements become fights or tear relationships apart.  Disagreements can lead to social media rants or angry actions.  This is where it becomes wrong.  Disagreements can be handled respectfully and politely without anger or judgement.  Sometimes you agree to disagree or even agree that a relationship shouldn’t progress but it should be done gently and lovingly.

There are ten things I believe every dad should teach his sons - and they're not what you'd think!

To Respect Boundaries

Boundaries are a good thing, people, and they should be respected.  A boy needs to see his dad respecting the boundaries of his wife, his family, his coworkers, and everyone else he comes in contact with.  No means no and lines should not be crossed.  A man also needs to show his son how to set up and respect his own boundaries.  Inward boundary respect is just as important as outward.

To Serve

We should all desire to be outward focused.  It’s important that a boy sees his dad serve.  A dad should serve his wife and kids lovingly and joyfully.  A dad should serve in his community, church, work, and everywhere!  A dad should teach his son to have a heart that desires to serve and finds joy in it!

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To Work AND Play

It is vital that a dad shows his son the importance of work – both in a vocation and in not being lazy in everyday life.  Sometimes dads don’t have a vocation and they can still instill a wonderful work ethic in their sons.  While they teach the importance of work, though, they also need to be teaching the importance of play.  There is a time for both and going to crazy on either sides is wrong.

There are ten things I believe every dad should teach his sons - and they're not what you'd think!

To Treat Everyone as Equal

Let’s say it all together – EVERYONE IS EQUAL.  Good job!  Whether an individual is male or female, Christian or Muslim, black or white, LGBTQ or straight, poor or rich – they are equal!  Even if we don’t agree with their lifestyle choices, they should be treated with respect and equality.

There are ten things I believe every dad should teach his sons - and they're not what you'd think!

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