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31 Days of Praying Scripture Over Our Kids

April 30, 2018

31 verses to pray over your children

Every day we hear a new terror taking place in our world – a bomb went off in this town, a school shooting happened in another, eating tide pods has become cool, bullies surround us.  I look at the world and a heavy weight falls on my shoulders – the weight of the knowledge of the things my children are going to go through as they grow.  There are times I think about buying a plot of land in the middle of nowhere, going off the grid, and keeping my kids from anything that could harm them.  I don’t always trust that the Lord has my children in the palm of His hands.

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How is it that I can refuse to trust my God?  How is it that I can place my love and care for my children above His love and care for them?  Don’t I know that He loves them a million-trillion-bazillion times more than I could even fathom?  My role as a mother is not to raise them to be smart, well-rounded, successful individuals.  My role as a mother is to give them over to the Lord and raise them to know and love Him.  My role as a mother is to trust my Heavenly Father and allow Him to work in the lives of my children.  Maybe that means one of them will grow up to be a successful doctor who goes to Haiti to open a medical clinic.  That would be good.  Maybe that means one of them will be shot in a school shooting for professing the name of Christ.  As much as it pains me to say it, that would still be good.

The only control I can have is to turn my requests over to Jesus.  I can spend time on my knees, praying and interceding for my precious little ones and asking that the Lord guide them.

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This month I want to allow my social media influence to spark a revolution of prayer!  I compiled a list of verses to pray over your children and, for the month of May (or whenever you stumble upon this blog post), I would love to encourage you to join me in praying these verses over your children.  Head over to my Facebook community to join in this month!  I made up 31 days worth of prayer cards to intentionally spend a few minutes each day meditating on the promises of God and asking His guidance in the life of our kids.  I’m excited to see what He will do through this!

Check out a sample of the printable prayer cards that include verses to pray over your children!

Verses to pray over your children

If you are joining me in this challenge, please comment below or email me so we can join together in prayer.  The Holy Spirit will move mountains if we only let Him!
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