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Star Wars Party {Josiah’s First Birthday}

May 31, 2018

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Plan the perfect Star Wars party for your little one!

After finding out I was pregnant, one of the first things I did was calculate what my little one’s due date was going to be.  I chuckled to myself when I found out it was May 4th – Star Wars day!  (You know, may the FOURTH be with you…)  Since only five percent of babies are born on their due dates I was sure I wasn’t going to have a Star Wars baby but, if you’ve heard Josiah’s birth story at all, you know that he is a punctual fellow and was born mere minutes into his due date.

As I was planning Josiah’s first birthday party, I knew Star Wars had to be the theme.  I mean, really, there wasn’t another option.  I’m all about fun, themed birthday parties.  Some of my most cherished memories growing up were the amazing parties I had for my birthdays.  I love thinking back to my nine year old camping party, my seven year old ballet party, and my twelve year old Wizard of Oz party.  Each year had a special theme.  I spent months deciding on the theme and my parents did everything they could to make that theme come to life in wonderfully fun ways!  My dad was a fantastic cake decorator and the morning of the party was like Christmas because we got to run downstairs and see the amazing cake he created for us!

Although I’ve wanted to, I haven’t done a great job making my boys parties as special as my own were.  Since my dad passed away, I’ve been thinking about what aspects of him I want to pass onto my boys – boys who will never know their grandpa.  I want them to have their own memories of special, intentional parties as a way of passing on even a small amount of their grandpa to them.

Ok, now that I’m sitting here crying, it’s time to talk about the party and how you can throw your own Star Wars Extravaganza!

Planning the Perfect Star Wars Party

Star Wars Party Food

  • Death Star Cake
    • Even if you’re not an amazing cake decorator (I’m certainly not!) a Death Start Cake isn’t too hard to do!!  Just use an icing piping bag and draw to the best of your ability!
  • Yoda Soda
    • Combine some green food coloring and lemon-lime soda together!
  • Luke Sky-Water
    • Pretty self explanatory but also pretty dang clever, if I do say so myself!
  • Thermal Detonators
    • Cheese puffs are perfect for this!
  • Princess Lays
    • Another one of those play on words.  All you need is a bag of Lays chips!
  • Edible Ewoks
    • This one could be done with either teddy grahams or gummy bears.  We chose gummy bears for our party!
  • Light-saber Pretzels
    • Dip some pretzel sticks in white chocolate that’s dyed with food coloring!
  • Vader Veggies
    • You’ve always got to have something healthy.  Vader Veggies it is!
  • Tie Fighter Pasta Salad
    • The main meal food we had at the party was pasta salad.  Bow tie pasta is perfect to pretend like they’re tie fighters!

 Star Wars Party Decorations

I tend to keep decorations simple for parties.  Since this was a one year old party, I printed off all of Josiah’s monthly photos and hung them, bookended by some adorable Start Wars banner images.  I also purchased just a few items on Oriental Trading Company – making sure to find the original Star Wars design.  Because they’re obviously the best!

Get your own Star Wars banner
Get your own Star Wars tablecloth

Star Wars Party Clothing

I decided everyone in the family needed Star Wars shirts.  I bought a file on Etsy and used my Silhouette machine to cut the vinyl for the shirts.

Get your own cut files for your Star Wars family shirts

Star Wars Party Activities

Since this was a baby party, it didn’t really need too many activities.  Some friends of ours let us borrow a bouncy house (aka: an anti-gravity machine) and that was pretty much all the kids needed the whole afternoon.  We also had a photo booth with Star Wars photo props purchased from the Oriental Trading Company and, for party favors, let all the older kids go home with big “light-saber” bubble wands!

Get your own Star Wars photo booth props
Get your own “light-saber” bubble wands

Plan the perfect Star Wars party for your little one!

Your Turn:
What theme did your child’s first birthday have?
Was your child born on his or her due date?

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Plan the perfect Star Wars party for your little one!

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