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Tips for Eating Healthy in the Summer

June 25, 2018

Fruity drinks, burgers, and frozen treats galore!  It is easy to treat yourself a little too much during the hot summer months.  These tips for eating healthy in the summer are sure to inspire you to enjoy your food but make intentional choices.

This post is sponsored by Jennie-O but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

tips for eating healthy in the summer

It’s officially summer and that makes my heart happy!  I adore summertime and everything that goes along with it – playdates at the park, swimming at the river, barbecues…  The list goes on and on!  I live for being outdoors in the sunshine and, since I live in the Pacific Northwest where we can’t do that nine months out of the year, I make the most of it during the summer.

Unfortunately, summertime is also the season of snacking.  Can anyone else relate?  Ice cream, barbecues with chips and french fries, refreshing sugary beverages…  All these things add up!  I’m really not good at saying no to treats but I’m learning the importance of moderation in my life.  It’s crazy dumb but necessary to keep my body as lively as possible.  I’ve come up with some great tricks for myself to from splurging on treats too much during the summertime and I hope it helps you too!

Tips for Eating Healthy in the Summer

Focus on the Fruits and Vegetables

Farmers markets, sales at the grocery store, and berry picking are all a big part of summer.  Fresh produce is at its finest during the hottest months and taking advantage of that is key.  Instead of reaching for a sugary or carb loaded snack, grab a fresh peach or grill up some corn on the cob.  These nutrient dense foods will fill you up with the right things and help you forget about the things you shouldn’t be indulging in.

Steer Clear of Carbs

Carbs are often just empty calories and ain’t nobody got time for that!  I’m attempting to be more carb conscious and stay clear of them!  Choose to have a hamburger patty without the bun.  Say no to chips and french fries.  Definitely steer clear of the corn dogs.  Make choices that focus on lean meats and fruits and vegetables and you will be doing well!

Don’t Drink Your Calories

Oh dear goodness, one of my biggest downfalls in the summertime is drinking my calories.  From lemonade to iced lattes to milkshakes to summer cocktails…  It’s ridiculous!  I forget that drinks have calories and will down three glasses of lemonade without skipping a beat if I’m thirsty.  I have to remind myself that water – even sparkling water – is my friend and that’s where I should be focusing when I’m thirsty.  The sweet drinks are treats.

Swap Out Your Meats

I’m a huge fan of choosing lean meats over the typical beef that is cooked during barbecue season.  Recently I got turned on to JENNIE-O® Turkey Burgers and Franks and, oh my goodness, they’re fantastic!  Nate’s basically Ron Swanson when it comes to meat (remember the episode where they’re having the turkey vs beef burger cookoff?) and has pretty much told me to never cook turkey burgers but, when he tried JENNIE-O® ¼ lb. Seasoned Turkey Burgers he actually liked it!  He gave me the go ahead to try out the other types – JENNIE-O® Turkey Bacon & Cheddar Turkey Burgers, JENNIE-O® All White Meat Turkey Burgers, and JENNIE-O® Uncured Turkey Breast Franks.  Honestly, if he liked it then you NEED to try it because he’s a hard sell!

Don’t Splurge on Cold Treats

I’m all about the ice cream and popsicles when it’s hot out but that’s another place calories like to hang out.  Those dang calories ruin all the fun.  Treat these treas like what they are – treats – and don’t indulge in them every day.  Better yet, try to make your own frozen goodies.  That way you can be sure you know how much sugar was involved.

What are your tips for eating healthy in the summer?

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tips for eating healthy in the summer


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