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Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 13, 2018

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These last minute Father's Day gift ideas are perfect. There's something on there for any dad! #fathersday #giftguide #giftidea #fathersdaygiftidea #fathersday2018 #dad #daddy

I don’t know if you realized this, but Father’s Day is THIS SUNDAY!!!!  Maybe you’re a pro and already figured out your gifts for your dad, husband, grandpas, neighbor, uncle, and all the other dads in your life or maybe you’re a little more normal 😉 and are realizing you need to whip yourself into gear and get a gift already.  If you’re in the latter group, don’t you worry!  I’ve compiled an awesome list of last minute Father’s Day gift ideas for all sorts of types of men!  Even better, you can get each of them on Amazon Prime so there’s still time for them to arrive before Sunday!  No one needs to know that you’re a slacker.  And yes, I’m talking to the slacker in me as much as I’m talking to you.  Oops…

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Pizza Oven

Nate got this pizza oven for his birthday this year and we all love it!!!!  We adore having family pizza nights and always whip it out when friends come over!  It’s certainly a crowd favorite and I’d be very surprised if the dad in your life didn’t love it!

Bacon Duck Tape

Any list of gifts for dads has to have something with bacon on it!  This duck tape is a cheap, fun, and whimsical so it’s the perfect present for any bacon loving dad!

BBQ Branding Iron

I don’t know about you, but sometimes it just feels right to lay claim on my meat.  😉  Nate would definitely get a kick out of this personalized bbq branding iron.  It’s perfect for any grill loving daddy!

Dominion Board Game

This is another suggestion that we already own.  Dominion is one of Nate’s and my favorite games!  It’s a strategy card game and no game is like another.  There are expansion packs available as well so this game literally has no limits to the fun and strategy you can use.  If the dad in your life loves games you NEED to look into getting him this one!

Cookies Chips & Candies Snacks Variety Pack

Snacks are pretty much the best things ever.  What’s better than getting a huge snack variety pack!  This gift is perfect if you want something that is consumable…  I’m sure it would be consumed in no time!

Record Player

I love that record players are becoming more common again.  Nate and I love sitting in our living room and putting a record on our own record player.  I always feel like I’m being taken back in time when I’m listening to records!  Sidenote: It’s also fun to go on dates to thrift stores to search through the record collections to see if you can find any gems.

Star Wars Coffee Mug

We are quite the Star Wars fans at our house (I mean, our baby was born on Star Wars day so we have to be) and Darth Vader daddy puns are always appreciated.  A punny mug is a fun gift to give on Father’s Day!

Kettle Bells

I’ve been told that exercise is important so encouraging exercise is probably also important…  Get your loved one some kettle bells if he enjoys working out and he’s sure to love it!  Just make sure you get a set that are heavy enough for him.  You wouldn’t want your gift to offend.  😉

Beard Balm

Is the dad you’re shopping for a mountain man?  Or, if not, can he at least grow facial hair?  Get him some beard balm to hydrate those whiskers!  This is probably the last item on the list I’d get Nate since he can’t grow a real beard for the life of him but I’m sure others would appreciate it.  Haha.

Your Turn:
What did you purchase for your loved one(s) for Father’s Day?
Do you procrastinate when you’re supposed to get gifts?

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These last minute Father's Day gift ideas are perfect. There's something on there for any dad! #fathersday #giftguide #giftidea #fathersdaygiftidea #fathersday2018 #dad #daddy

These last minute Father's Day gift ideas are perfect. There's something on there for any dad! #fathersday #giftguide #giftidea #fathersdaygiftidea #fathersday2018 #dad #daddy


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