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Outdoor Summer Bucket List

June 20, 2018

Don’t waste the beautiful weather that comes with the season!  This outdoor summer bucket list will help you be intentional all summer long!

This post is sponsored by Happy Family Brands but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

outdoor summer bucket list

Tomorrow is the first day of summer and boy am I ready!  I love the sunshine, activities, and outdoor living that go along with summertime in the Pacific Northwest.  Summer is the reason people live in the Pacific Northwest.  Rain for nine months of the year gets dreary and depressing but the three months of perfect weather is amazing!  Since we want to spend as much of our lives outdoors as possible while we’re able, I’ve come up with our family’s outdoor summer bucket list that you’re welcome to copy!

When Caleb was young, I was scared to get out and about with him – especially in the summertime.  He was a grouchy baby with fair skin and I figured that, if he didn’t ruin the outing by screaming his head off, he would ruin it by getting burned or hurting himself or something equally as bad.  Caleb was a tough baby and parenting was hard but I made it even harder on myself by being scared of doing anything out of the ordinary.  Thankfully I’m now a pro-parent (I can call myself that since I have two boys, right?) and I’ve learned the importance of being good to myself and my boys by getting us active and out of the house.

Outdoor Summer Bucket List

While we’re being out an about and as active as possible, it’s important to me that my boys have healthy and nutritious food to munch on.  Although Josiah’s great at munching on “real people” food, I threw a jar of baby food and a spoon into our adventure bag during our last hike – knowing that he was bound to get hangry – and had a tasty treat all ready for him while we were adventuring.

I’ve loved the Happy Family brand for quite a while and when they released their Happy Baby® Clearly Crafted™ Jars that are transparent glass jars with clear labels, I knew I needed to check them out.  These jars are perfect for any parent who wants to know exactly what they’re feeding their baby.  Not only are the clearly crafted recipes made with wholesome, organic fruits and vegetables, the jars include the recipe on the back so you know just what your baby’s getting.  The jars are transparent and the company is too!

What is on your outdoor summer bucket list?

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outdoor summer bucket list

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