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What to Take to the Oregon Coast: Kids’ Edition

June 6, 2018

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Wondering what to take to the Oregon Coast for your kiddos? This post has some important things to consider!

I used to be confused when people would say “I’m going to the Oregon Coast.”  Why don’t you just say you’re going to the beach?  Or even, if you’re wanting to be specific, why don’t you say you’re going to the beach in Oregon?  As I’ve spent more time at the Oregon Coast and time at warm, wonderful beaches, I’ve learned the reasoning – visiting the Oregon Coast isn’t really a beach vacation.  There’s no laying on warm sand in your swimsuit.  There’s no beach volleyball or diving into waves (unless you’re very brave!).  The Oregon Coast is cold water, often lots of rain, and wind!  It’s a completely different vacation!  A vacation that is wonderful but different.

Since it’s not like a true beach trip, you don’t bring things along that you would bring, say, to the beaches in California.  Your packing list looks a little bipolar when you’re heading to the Oregon Coast.  Check out some of the things I would recommend bringing for your kids!

What to Take to the Oregon Coast

Beach Towel

The first thing on your packing list should be a comfy beach towel.  Whether the weather is fair and dry or rainy and wet, a towel will be needed.  Your little one may be running in the frigid waves or getting soaked by the rain.  Bring a towel!

Rain Coat

Since the likelihood of rain while you’re visiting the Oregon Coast is high, make sure you pack your kid’s rain jacket.  Honestly, I’d bring a rain jacket for my kiddos before I would pack their swimsuits.  It’s much more likely that the rain jacket will be used.


I know I’ve been talking about the rain but sunscreen is also super necessary when visiting the Oregon Coast.  Even when the beaches are overcast, the sun rays are extremely strong!  The rays of sun that make it through the clouds go jumping back and forth – reflecting off the clouds, water, sand – and sun damage happens when you wouldn’t expect it to!

Water Bottle

While playing at the beach, your kids are bound to get thirsty.  Unfortunately, sea water isn’t for drinking…  I don’t know if you knew that.  😉  Bring a water bottle for your littles and keep them from dehydration!

Waterproof Sandals

If your little ones are anything like my three year old, waterproof sandals are a MUST!  Caleb wants to wade in the water but then HEAVEN FORBID that his feet get too sandy when he walks on the beach.  If he had it his way, he’d wear his tennis shoes or cowboy boots into the ocean but we talked him down to sandals.

Hot Chocolate

After enjoying the coast, it’s likely that you’ll be chilled down to your bones.  Playing in the freezing water added to wind and/or rain and hot chocolate is all you’re going to be thinking about when you get back to where ever you’re staying.


I love that it’s pretty much always windy enough at the Oregon Coast to fly a kite…  Although this past time I put Caleb’s kite together and could not figure out why it wouldn’t fly.  When my brother figured it out and fixed it for me I was pretty embarrassed.  Flying a kite isn’t usually an option where I live so it’s fun to do something out of the ordinary at the coast.

Pop Up Beach Tent

The wind, the sun, or the rain can sometimes be too much for little people so bringing along a pop up tent is perfect!  Last year we had Josiah sleeping in ours while Caleb played in the sand so we’re major fans!

Bucket and Shovel

The most obvious thing you should bring along is a bucket and shovel!  What kid doesn’t like digging in the dirt?  (Ok, I’m sure there are plenty out there.  I just don’t know any!)  My boys spent hours with their buckets and shovels and had an amazing time!

Your Turn:
What would you add to this list?
Which is your favorite beach on the Oregon Coast?

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Wondering what to take to the Oregon Coast for your kiddos? This post has some important things to consider!

Wondering what to take to the Oregon Coast for your kiddos? This post has some important things to consider!


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