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How to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

November 27, 2018

Playing at the Christmas tree farm

It’s that time of year again…  The time of year I get my family packed up and head to the Christmas tree farm to find the perfect Christmas tree for our home.  Traditions are important to me and I’ve loved seeing different ones unfold as the years progress and my family grows.

As I wrote up our Christmas tree hunting post from last year, I remember talking about how excited I was that the next year I’d have two little ones running through the trees.  When we got to the farm and my we set the boys loose, a huge sigh of content came out of my lips.  My boys are happy and healthy – running around with sticks, digging in mud, climbing up dirt piles…  These are the days I want to remember.

Finding the perfect tree at the Christmas tree farm

And then Nate let me know the price of the trees…  My contentment decreased a little bit.  For the size tree we like to get we would be spending at least $14 more than the most expensive tree we’ve gotten before.  I just couldn’t stomach the price.  We let the boys continue playing, took our annual in front of the tree photo, and loaded back into the car.  The other u-cut locations were closing for the day so we ended up heading to a nearby tree lot and choosing a tree for $20.

Life might not go the way we plan and traditions might get a little messed up but I thank God every day for the three guys (and coming baby) that I get to spend my life with.

How to find the perfect Christmas tree

How to Find the Perfect Christmas Tree

Do Your Research

There are a lot of things that go into finding the perfect tree.  Where do you want to get it?  Look up u-cut locations, tree lots, or even regulations for getting one from the wild.  Check out prices (preaching to the choir here) and types of Christmas trees available.  Know what you’re getting into before you head out.

Judge the Tree by its Cover

Find the tree that you think is the most aesthetically pleasing.  Maybe you like fuller trees…  You may prefer thin trees…  You may like the ones that look more blue…  Find one you love but don’t grow too attached to it because there are still more things to do.

Check the Health of the Tree

You’re going to have this tree in your house for about a month so you definitely want to make sure the tree is healthy and not going to turn into a fire hazard.  Make sure the trunk is slightly sticky and the needles are secure.  See if there are very many dead needles that can be shaken off.  If the needles aren’t secure or the trunk is dry, you’re going to want to find another tree.  The tree should be fairly even colored and the greener the better!

Measure and then Measure Again

Be aware of how tall your ceiling is and don’t get a tree that’s going to be taller than that.  A lot of places charge by the foot so you don’t want to be spending more than you have to.  Don’t forget that you’re going to have a tree stand under the tree so it will have to be even a bit smaller than you’re thinking.

Once you know that this is the tree for you, cut that bad boy down!  (Or simply go pay for it if you’re getting it at a lot)

Keep it Healthy at Home

As you’re putting your tree up, make sure the cut at the bottom is super fresh.  If it’s not, cut off another half inch so it drinks water well.  Make sure the tree always has water so it doesn’t dry out and keep it away from too much heat – especially candles or a fireplace.

How to find the perfect Christmas tree

Your Turn:
What type of Christmas tree do you choose?
Where do you get your Christmas tree?

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