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Educational Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers

December 12, 2018

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The very best educational christmas gifts for preschoolers! You're going to want to check out this post if you're shopping for a four or five year old!

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but Christmas is coming in TWO WEEKS!!!!  I’m a HUGE fan of Christmas!  I love all the traditions, the parties, the focus on Jesus, the friends and family, and the decorations!  The thing I don’t love is the presents.  I hate to admit it, but it’s the truth.  My love language is absolutely not gifts so I struggle with what to get others and what to ask for.  Add to all of that the fact that we intentionally keep our home minimalistic and hate adding stuff into our lives and Christmas can be tough.

As I thought about what to get Caleb this year, I decided to focus on educational Christmas gifts for preschoolers for him.  He just turned four and is soaking in information all the time.  He loves working on his letters, building things, doing projects, and asking all the questions.  He doesn’t need more toys but educational items are perfect!

Educational Christmas Gifts for Preschoolers

Lego Classics

A little before his birthday, Caleb began asking for “little Legos.”  He has Duplos but has been pretty enamored by regular Legos recently.  As I looked through the Legos that are out there to purchase it got a little discouraging.  All of them seemed to be sets to build something specific and he’s definitely not ready for that.  Finally I stumbled upon Lego Classics.  They’re just boxes of tons of Lego pieces that the kiddo can use to create all sorts of things.  Best of all, these sets are super cheap compared to the dinosaur/airplane/whatever sets you can get.  Win/win.  Caleb’s going to be so happy to open these Christmas morning.

Mess Free Coloring

Caleb’s actually not getting these for Christmas because they were given to him for his birthday.  He calls them his magic markers since they only color on specific coloring books.  Since his toddler brother loves to steal markers and color on EVERYTHING, these are perfect!

Paint with Water Books Set

Last Christmas we had a toy free/exchange table at our MOPS meeting and someone had left one of these painting books there.  I grabbed it up to put in Caleb’s stocking and he loved it!  Each page comes with its own set of paint and there’s so much less mess than any other painting project we’ve done.  He loved pulling the book out when friends came over so they all could paint together.  He’s getting another one of these books this year!

Large Floor Puzzle

Caleb loves doing puzzles.  He has a big puzzle like this one of a pirate that I brought home for him after cleaning out my dad’s house after he died.  He loves doing it with me or Nate and talking about how Grandpa loved pirates.  Caleb currently is still loving the few puzzles he has so isn’t getting another one for Christmas but these large floor puzzles are perfect for preschoolers!

Board Game

I’m not a huge game lover but Caleb totally is.  I don’t know how many games of Candyland I’ve played in the past two years.  Since Caleb’s always wanting to play games, we’re getting him more games to add to his collection for Christmas.  I think it’s more a present for me since I’m the one who needs variety in my life.

Art Station

We’re always doing projects in my home so there are constantly art supplies everywhere.  I would love to get an art station like the one I linked to for Caleb but we don’t have the room in our house.  Instead, we’re getting him a shelf of drawers to store his things near the table so they have a place.  He has easy access to his supplies and I’m happy because there’s less clutter.  I hate clutter and firmly believe everything needs to have a place.

Science Kit

I think this is the present I’m most excited to give Caleb.  A science kit is going to be so fun for my little man and me to do together.  It’s things like this that make me strongly consider homeschooling in the future.  I’m glad I still have a year and a half before we need to make that decision.  All that being said, I’ll have to make sure I know exactly why each of the things happen, though, because he’s sure to ask me and doesn’t usually accept my “I don’t know” or half baked answers.

Preschool Workbooks

Caleb is obsessed with workbooks and goes through them so quickly.  He wants to practice writing letters, numbers, and all sorts of things.  We’re constantly getting him more workbooks so he can practice.

Kids STEM Activity

STEM activities are life in the world we live in.  Caleb has an engineering mind so it will be fun to see him work out how to build things and figure out how things work.

Your Turn:
What educational gifts are you getting your kids?

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The very best educational christmas gifts for preschoolers! You're going to want to check out this post if you're shopping for a four or five year old!

The very best educational christmas gifts for preschoolers! You're going to want to check out this post if you're shopping for a four or five year old!



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