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14 Verses to Pray Over Your Marriage

February 14, 2019

Looking for verses to pray over your marriage?  This post is the perfect encouragement to join in on a 14 day challenge with verses to pray for your husband!

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Looking for verses to pray over your marriage? This post is the perfect encouragement to join in on a 14 day challenge with verses to pray for your husband!

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends!  I have to say, I’m a huge fan of love!  This day makes me all mushy inside!  I love the flowers, the pink and red, the heart shaped everything…  I just love love!

Tomorrow, though, I’ll be a little sad.  All the hype of Valentine’s Day makes the days following a little lackluster.  You see, I don’t just love love on Valentine’s Day.  I love love every day of the year!  Unfortunately, I see all this romance, sweet talk, and thoughtfulness for one day and then it disappears because the task of Valentine’s Day was completed.

This year, I don’t want that to happen for me!  I want to be loving my husband well regardless of the date on the calendar and what better way to love him than to spend time daily praying for him and for our marriage?

I would challenge you to join me in prayer starting today!  Maybe you’re reading this post and it’s April 23rd.  You can start the challenge today!  Maybe it’s October 18th.  Start today!  This post is going live Valentine’s Day but that means nothing.

Prayer is a powerful thing, friends!  Prayer changes lives.  Prayer changes marriages.

It never ceases to amaze me that when I spend time praying for another person, my heart towards them changes.  When I pray for my kids, I find I’m less annoyed with them and more willing to extend the love of Jesus to them.  When I pray for my friend, I find I am more thoughtful to her and focus more on her needs than my own.  When I pray for my marriage, I find I’m less nit-picky and more willing to lay down my desires for my husband.

What does this challenge look like?  Just download the free prayer cards I created and go over one a day.  Spend that day meditating on the prayer and the Bible verse it was inspired by.  In two weeks, when the challenge is over, I would love to hear how God is working in your marriage!

The Verses to Pray Over Your Marriage:

Prayer for Purity
Prayer for Unity
Prayer for Trust
Prayer Against Timidity
…And Ten More!

Now I didn’t just arbitrarily make up these prayers.  They are Bible verses that are reworded as prayers.  These are verses to pray for your husband.  Praying through the Bible is so powerful because you’re joining your voice with thousands of voices who have prayed the same prayers for thousands of years!  What a huge thought!

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