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BabbleBoxx and the Spring Kids Story

April 24, 2019

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Spring has officially sprung here in the Pacific Northwest and, really, all that means is that the rain we’re experiencing is a little warmer and that we get peaks of summertime every few weeks.  Thankfully, I got a little break in the monotony of ALL THE RAIN recently when I got the Spring Kids Story BabbleBoxx in the mail.  This box was full of goodies for my boys (including the one on the way) and I’m excited to share them with you!

Check out these kids products you definitely don't want to miss out on!

Spring Kids Story BabbleBoxx

Shampoo and Conditioner from Snip-its

My boys are basically fishes and it’s going to be so fun this summer to get back into the water!  They’re both blonde, thought, so chlorine, lake grime, and all the other things in water really messes with them.  Now, I’m nowhere near perfect with it, but, whenever possible, I try to find natural products to use on my boys.  I was excited to see this shampoo and conditioner set since they are all-natural hair care products that are meant for after swimming!

Snip-its Swimmer’s Solution clarifying shampoo is designed to be gentle on kids’ sensitive scalp, skin and eyes.  I love that it purifies hair without stripping it of its natural oils and luster.  This shampoo is perfect for the spring and summer since it is perfect for deep cleaning – removing chlorine, product buildup, hard water, mineral, and medication residue.  It is intended to be used in place of a daily shampoo once or twice weekly for clean, healthy, shiny hair.

Snip-its No Yellin’ Melon is a gentle crème conditioner that is perfect for daily hair nourishment and is ideal to use after the Swimmer’s Solution shampoo.  It is specially designed to be gentle on kids’ sensitive scalps, skin, and eyes.  This conditioner is full of fantastic purifying ingredients like Jojoba and Pantheol that naturally restore critical moisture and strength and a super doe of anti-oxidant Vitamin-E that adds shine and protections.  Plus, it’s called No Yellin’ Melon which just makes me giggle.  I’m all about this kid-friendly hair care.

Special Offer:  In May and June you can get the Swimmer’s Duo for $20.  Also, go to a salon in May or June and get $3 off a Kid’s Regular Haircut. CODE: SPRING. Expires 6/30/2019.

Check out these kids products you definitely don't want to miss out on!

Subscription Crate from KiwiCo

I’ve heard of the wonderful subscription crates from KiwiCo before and was so excited that one was included for my boys and me to try out!  Kiwi Crates are monthly subscription boxes that come filled with age appropriate STEAM projects for everyone from toddlers to teenagers!  These days, it is imperative kids are thriving in the areas of science, technology, engineering, art, and math and Caleb is already all about science so we’re on the right track!  I love that Kiwi Crates makes it fun, easy, and delightful for families to spend time building, exploring, and creating together by putting together boxes that celebrate kids’ natural creativity and curiosity.  Each crate comes with an age appropriate project with everything required for your child to create the project in the box!

  • The Tadpole Crate (12-36 months) includes information, inspiration, and products that help with your toddler’s development and creativity.
  • The Koala Crate (3-4 years) focuses on play based learning.
  • The Kiwi Crate (5-8 years) inspires kids’ creativity.
  • The Atlas Crate (6-11 years) teaches young explorers about the world through globally inspired projects.
  • The Tinker Crate (9-16+ years) encourages experimentation in science and engineering by focusing on hands on learning.
  • The Doodle Crate (9-16+ years) focuses on art-based projects in order to build confidence and creativity.
  • The Eureka Crate (14+ years) teaches how to apply principles of science and math to the design of everyday items.

Special Offer: Get your first subscription month FREE here! Just pay $4.95 S&H. Cancel anytime.  One free trial per household!

Check out these kids products you definitely don't want to miss out on!

Fruit of the Loom Grow & Fit Bodysuits

Of course, Baby Daniel couldn’t be left out of the fun!  I was so excited to get two Fruit of the Loom Grow and Fit Bodysuits that will be perfect for my little man this summer!  The bodysuits are a part of Fruit of the Loom’s breathable collection and are ideal for keeping your baby comfortable in warm weather since they are made with ultra-soft, light pique mesh fabric and provides fantastic airflow.  Since he’s due in just two short weeks, it’s fun to know that he’ll be rocking these bodysuits not long after that!  My boys have always been fast growers so I’m excited that these bodysuits will provide ultimate comfort, excellent mobility, durability, and growth as they expand with my little man for up to six months at a time!  The fewer clothes I have to buy for him the better and, since half as many last twice as long, that will definitely be the case!

The bodysuits I got are a part of this gift set and this gift set.  Definitely check them both out to see which one is right for you and your little one!

Check out these kids products you definitely don't want to miss out on!

Lunch Notes from Me! from MyWish4U

The last thing that was included in my box of goodies were some fun school lunch notes made by MyWish4U.  These little tear off notes are perfect for putting in lunches, read at the dinner table or on a car ride, put in a sleepover bag, included in a playdate, or hidden around the house!  We got the Facts & Funnies which are full of cool facts and riddles that teach them something and make them laugh and the Riddles & Giggles which are, you guessed it, full of riddles and jokes that are sure to get a giggle out of your kiddo.  I have to say, as great as I think these cards are, they didn’t go over too well at my house.  Caleb is old enough that some of the jokes should have been understood but he is SO literal that they were all just going over his head.  Nate and I got a kick out of how much he just couldn’t wrap his little brain around the riddles and jokes included on the notes… so I guess they were good for something.  😉  If your child is not a crazy literal little person, these fun notes are for you.  I’m sure Josiah will love them in a few years.  Haha.  Best yet, these cards are SO affordable!  Each lunch note pack is only $4.99 for 101 unique notes!  That’s my kind of pricing!

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