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The Best Easter Books for Kids of All Ages

April 2, 2019

Fill your kids’ Easter baskets with books! This post will fill you in on some of the best Easter books for kids that talk about the Resurrection!

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Fill your kids' Easter baskets with books! This post will fill you in on some of the best Easter books for kids that talk about the Resurrection!

In my home, we are huge fans of reading.  If Caleb doesn’t request for me to read at least 27 books a day, I worry that he’s getting sick.  We’re constantly filling our bookshelves with new books, visiting the library to check books out, and borrowing books from friends.  We can’t get our fill and I love it!

Since my boys love books so much, I try to get them new books for every gift giving holiday.  Books are under the Christmas tree, given as birthday presents, and definitely in my boys’ Easter baskets.  For Easter, I try my best to focus on books that tell the story of the Resurrection of Christ – the true meaning of the holiday.

If you’ve been around very long, you know I’m really picky about the Christian books I read to my boys.  I want to make sure the books are Biblically accurate, don’t give a moralistic gospel, and teach truth and grace.  I know a lot of you are the same way so, with Easter coming, I thought I’d share some of my favorite books for Easter with you all!  Maybe you’ll decide to include one (or more) of them in your kids’ Easter baskets!

The Best Easter Books for Kids of All Ages

The Garden, The Curtain, and the Cross

This was the book that was in Caleb’s Easter basket this past year.  It is such a fantastically written book that starts out in the Garden of Eden with the fall.  It then discusses how the Temple was a temporary fix that sort of brought people into the presence of God but then discusses how the death and resurrection of Jesus brought us back into full relationship with God.  It’s written in a very simple, easy to understand manner but even Nate and I, with our Bible degrees, learned some fascinating things about the temple through this book.  This book is a part of a whole series of books!  We have the Christmas one and this one and can’t wait to get the rest!

The Biggest Story ABC

This is the book that was in Josiah’s Easter basket last year.  It’s a super simple ABC board book that walks through the Gospel.  Caleb loves going through it and quoting the word that each letter represents and Josiah just loves having it read to him.  Once again, it starts with creation/the fall and walks through the Israelite rebellion, God’s love and mercy, Jesus’ death and resurrection, and the promise of eternity with God.

The Jesus Storybook Bible

Ok people, this is my all time favorite children’s Bible and every home should own a copy – even if there are no children in the home.  There is so much rich truth presented in the Bible and it goes way beyond simply teaching kids stories or morality.  It shows kids how the whole Bible is about Jesus – things I didn’t learn until I was getting my bachelors degree in Bible and Theology.  I love that my boys get to learn these things at a young age!  Obviously, since it’s a children’s Bible, it goes into so much more than simply the Resurrection but I’m still including it in this list of books.

Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing

This book is different than the others so far in that it doesn’t tell the Easter story.  Instead, this book is a collection of 101 simple-yet-profound thoughts on faith.  It is written by the same woman who wrote The Jesus Storybook Bible and, like that Bible, it is so full of rich but simple truth.  Nate and I have been going through this book with our boys as a nightly devotional and, once again, we are gleaning truth from it almost as much as Caleb is!  Some of the devotionals discuss the importance of the Resurrection in the Christian faith so it’s totally applicable for Easter!

The Action Bible

If you have an older elementary aged kiddo, this is the book you’re going to want to include in their Easter basket.  It’s a kids Bible that is presented in a comic book fashion.  I grew up reading this Bible and it kept me engaged and interested in learning truths from the Bible.  I can’t wait until Caleb is a little older and he can start reading this one!

The Ology

I’ve only read bits and pieces of this book but what I’ve read I’ve thought was fantastic!  This book is a beginners theology book perfect for elementary age kiddos and older!  It dives into deep, rich truths from Scripture and explains them in language kids can understand.  The different doctrines the book addresses are taught in the framework of all of Scripture so you see how the Story of Redemption has to do with all of theology!

The Tale of Three Trees

If your kids are more into fiction, this book is an oldie but a goodie.  The Tale of Three Trees tells the story of three trees who want to be used for important tasks when they’re chopped down.  I won’t give everything away but the last tree is used to make the cross the Jesus was crucified on.  The book discusses the importance of that moment in a fantastic way!

A Very Happy Easter

I haven’t read this book yet but I’ve heard great things about it and am planning on getting it for Josiah’s Easter basket this year.  This is a simple book for kids that focuses on the emotions of Holy Week.  Kids are encouraged to make facial expressions as the book is read to mimic what different people who were a part of the story were feeling.  It walks through the last supper, death, and resurrection of Jesus and ends with the joy that comes from knowing we are now reconciled with God!

That Grand Easter Day

This is another book I haven’t read but have heard wonderful things about.  This book tells the Easter story with a repetitious and growing cadence similar to “The House the Jack Built.”  The repetition helps kids remember the story and be able to tell the Easter story themselves!  I can’t wait to get my hands on this one and read it for myself!

Your Turn:
What are your favorite Easter books for kids?
What is something you always include in your Easter baskets?

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Fill your kids' Easter baskets with books! This post will fill you in on some of the best Easter books for kids that talk about the Resurrection!


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