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Newborn Must Haves for Your Second Baby (or Third… or Fourth…)

June 20, 2019

So you’re pregnant again!  Congratulations!!!  Having multiple children is an amazing blessing but it also changes parenting big time!  You’re probably wondering what products for newborns are perfect for your growing family.  To ease up the transition a little, you’re going to want to check out these newborn must haves for your second baby (or your third or fourth…)!  These top newborn products are perfect for caring for your little one while your bigger one(s) are running around too!

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The other day I was curious what stage of babyhood is technically considered a newborn so I did what any fact loving person would do and googled it.  Of course there are different answers to this question but the most common answer was that a baby is considered a newborn up until the baby is three months old.  Daniel is nearly two months so he’s still well in the newborn range.

Since I am obviously a pro-mama now that I’ve had three children, it is my duty to share my wisdom with all of you.  😉  Some of that wisdom consists of all the newborn must haves for your second baby… or third… or fourth…  Basically any baby past your first.  Because things are way different for a first baby and any subsequent babies.  I’m not huge on having ALL THE THINGS since we tend to be pretty minimalist in our home, but there are some products for newborns I won’t go without.  So, without further ado, I’m going to share with you my top newborn products!

Newborn Must Haves for Your Second Baby (or Third… or Fourth…)

Ring Sling

When you have more than one child, choosing a baby wearing device is a must!  There are a lot different babywearing products for newborns and I know people swear by wraps or Tulas with infant inserts but I absolutely adore using a ring sling when my littles are newborns.  It is so easy to get the little one in and out of the sling and that is a must when attempting to wrangle a bigger kid or two.


My first son was basically never put down (doesn’t help that he cried bloody murder if I tried…) so I didn’t need anywhere to put him.  Now that I have three kids, I can’t hold my newborn all day every day.  The DockATot is so handy as a place to put him down without worrying about if the ground is messy or if he’ll be stepped on by a big brother.  It’s so much easier to move around than a swing or bouncy chair and it helps when bigger kids want to move from location to location and you have to bring baby along too.  Baby in one arm, DockATot in the other, and you’re good to go!

Diaper Genie

A typical newborn needs to be changed 6+ times a day!  That’s a lot of diapers being produced.  Since it’s nearly impossible to run each and every diaper out to the garbage with a baby and older kiddos, having a place to dispose of them by the changing station is a must!  What product for newborns helps with that?  Enter – the Diaper Genie.  This one I have been using ever since I had my first son but it’s come in even more handy with each subsequent child.

Binxy Baby Hammock

Yeah, ok, the Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock is a shopping game changer!  Seriously, you guys!  When I was pregnant with my third, I was so worried about grocery shopping.  Not simply about having to take three kiddos with me, but also about how to wrangle all of them.  My four year old is pretty good about obeying while walking but my two year old…  Well, that’s definitely another story.  I love the Binxy Baby Hammock because my toddler can sit in the normal cart seat and my baby can sit in the hammock hanging across the cart while the whole cart is still available for groceries.  Heck to the yes!


This is another top newborn product that I have had since my first little one but its role has changed since having numbers two and three.  Sure, it’s still used for nursing my infant, but now I also use it as a great balancing pillow when the big boys want to hold their baby.  When placed on toddler or preschooler laps it forms a perfect little nest to lay the newborn – creating a lot more safety for the little person.  Yes, I still have to be right there to ensure the don’t jump up suddenly and drop their brother, but I don’t have to be actively engaged in helping them.  They love having the freedom to hold their brother by themselves!


I have yet to meet a baby that didn’t sleep better while being wrapped in a swaddle.  If that was your kiddo, I’d love to hear about it!  My first son was hard and needed to be held basically all day every day.  I wish I had realized that a swaddle was a top newborn product that I had to use!  I used a swaddle with him occasionally but didn’t realize I should start swaddling him from day one and nap one.  Thankfully, since I was a stay at home mama, I was able to spend my days holding him.  I’m still a stay at home mama but, with three kids, I can’t spend my days holding my newborn for every nap.  I’m thankful for easy ways to swaddle him up and ensure he gets as much sleep as he can!

Car Seat Head Rest

Floppy newborn heads are scary…  so I’ve heard.  I make big babies so all three of my boys were able to hold their heads up from day one.  Everyone talks about tummy time and helping their babies learn head control and I can’t join in that conversation because none of my boys have needed that.  Haha.  Even so, car seat head rests have been a must for all of them!  Baby heads flopping around in their car seats are definitely not safe and bigger kids are more likely to rock car seats vigorously (only my kids?) so keeping baby’s head protected is a must!

Individual Diaper Disposer Bags

With each child I have, the amount of time that child spends away from the house multiplies.  I mean, the big boys and I have lives that we can’t put on hold just because we add another little person into our family.  Baby Daniel just has to deal and come with us.  😉  While we’re out and about, it’s guaranteed that diaper changes will need to happen.  Remember what I said…  Newborns get their diapers changed 6+ times a day!  Having individual diaper disposer bags on hand is a must and it’s an added bonus if it’s a brand that is biodegradable and compostable.  Don’t need more plastic in the landfills…  Although diapers in the landfill are probably worse…  I really need to look into cloth diapers…

Sound Machine

Lastly, for my list, is the sound machine!  Big kids are loud.  Babies need sleep.  Sound machines help.  It is one of the newborn must haves for your second baby.  The end.

Your Turn:
What products for newborns would you add to this list?
What are your top newborn products?

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