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The Boring Mom Life

July 30, 2019

Are you a perfect mom or a boring mom?  Is there really that much of a difference?  I’d encourage you to decide today that you’re going to make the most of your boring mom life and stop fighting for “perfection.”

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Do you ever feel as though you can’t measure up as a mom?  You scroll through Instagram and see moms going on adventures with their kids.  You go on Pinterest and see the creative activities and perfectly decorated rooms moms have put together for their little ones.  Your Facebook mom friends are always sharing the amazing meals they prepare for their minis (who eat them without complaining) and don’t get me started on your real life mom friends.  They have their hair and makeup done every day and their clothes never have spit up on them.

How can you live up to the perfection you think you see on a daily basis?  Why even try?

The Boring Mom vs The “Perfect Mom”

There are moms out there who make it look so easy.  They are living out what my idea of a “perfect mom” would be.  I literally can not figure out how they fit their life into the same number of hours as my life.  They’re constantly taking their kids to amazing places, napping alongside their kids, doing the most creative learning activities…  And, all the while, they and their kids look trendy and put together.

If I were to tell one of them that they are my version of a “perfect mom” (because no one is truly perfect…) I know they would just laugh and tell me all about their shortcomings.  But still…  they’re doing things I always imagined I would be doing with my kids.  I just can’t figure out how they’re doing it.

I have come to the conclusion that being the “perfect mom” just won’t happen for me and that’s ok.  I get overwhelmed easily if we are always out and about.  I’m not trendy and put together.  I don’t enjoy playing legos or cars.  I snap at my kids more than I’d like to admit.  But, even so, I can be a great mom without being a “perfect mom.”  My life is a lot more boring and I can embrace that fact.  I can be a boring mom and my boys will still love me.

What is the Boring Mom Life?

Before kids I had all the goals.  I was going to host the most elaborate birthday parties.  I was going to do crafts with my kids daily.  We would get out of the house and explore while eating the homemade granola bars I whipped up.  I was going to be the fun mom.

Then I had a son and he was hard.  He cried pretty much non stop for a year.  When it seemed like I had life figured out, I had another (thankfully easier son).  Then I had yet another son.  My days are spent listening to fart noises, wiping bottoms and noses, and tripping over legos…  so many legos!  I don’t have the energy to make dinner most nights and I’m definitely not making homemade granola bars.

Instead of flitting from one adventure to the next, my days are filled with laundry, dishes, trying to keep the toddler from tackling the baby or biting the preschooler, reading the same book for the hundredth time…  I have realized I am living the boring mom life.  It’s the life of the mundane.  It’s the life where you don’t have themed days all planned out for your preschooler.  It’s the life where your kids have to keep themselves entertained more often than not.

On the other hand, though, we DO do fun things!  We DO get out of the house.  We DO go on adventures.  They’re just simpler adventures.  They’re just not every day adventures.

It’s high time I claim it – I am a boring mom.  And I’m learning to love my boring mom life.

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What Are My Mama Strengths?

I may not be the perfect mom I want to be but I know I’m a darn good one.  My life may be boring but there are areas I can point to and say “That is where I am succeeding.”

  • I fight for the emotional health of my boys
  • I can give cuddles, hugs, kisses, high fives, and fist bumps all day long
  • I am pointing my boys to Jesus
  • I am showing my boys what a healthy marriage looks like
  • I don’t mind my boys getting messy while playing outside or crafting
  • I read a million books a day
  • I love playing card games and board games
  • I make nutritious meals and eat with my boys
  • I put myself aside to do what my boys want often
  • I plan adventures every so often

What Are My Mama Weaknesses?

Even though I know I have a lot of strengths, I also have quite a few weaknesses as a mama too.  They are areas in life where I feel as though I’m failing.  Areas in life where I might be choosing selfishness or areas that just simply exhaust me.

  • I hate playing pretend
  • I hate playing legos or other building toys
  • I hate playing tag or hide and go seek
  • Basically I just hate playing…
  • My anxiety gets the best of me too often
  • I don’t have the greatest time management
  • I’m a homebody and would love to be at home all day every day
  • I spend too much time on technology
  • I am a grouch when I wake up

Why I Want to Be the Most Perfect Version of Me

I’m ok with being a boring mom because that’s just who I am but that’s not the end of the story.  I’m going to fight to live the best boring mom life I possibly can!  I will force myself to get down and play legos even though I’d rather be reading a book.  I will put on a happy face when I wake up even though I haven’t guzzled down enough coffee yet.

I’d encourage you to make your own list of strengths and weaknesses.  Celebrate your strengths!  Throw yourself a party if you’re extra like that.  Celebrate how awesome of a mama you are.  Then look at your weaknesses list.  Some of the things on that list aren’t going to change.  I’m not going to start playing tag every day.  Some of the things on that list CAN be changed, though.  You’re not striving to be the perfect mom, you’re striving to be the most perfect version of you that you can be.

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