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The Anatomy of the Perfect Baby Shower Gift

August 20, 2019

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The anatomy of the perfect baby shower gift

Five to ten years ago my life was all about going to weddings.  My friends were all pairing off and getting married.  The summer Nate and I got married we went to six other weddings and were invited to three more.  Weddings were our life!  Outside of family weddings, we get invited to maybe one wedding a year these days.

Instead of weddings, I’m now getting invited to all the baby showers.  I probably attend at least one baby shower a month and love celebrating new life with soon-to-be mamas.  Since I attend so many baby showers, I have the gift portion of the shower down to a science.  I want my gift to be something mamas want, need, and will find valuable.

Since I’m all about adding value to the new mama’s life, I’ve broken the anatomy of the perfect baby shower gift into four categories.  I’d love to hear what type of thing you’d include in each of these categories.

The anatomy of the perfect baby shower gift

The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Something for the Pregnancy

Typically baby showers are held as the mama nears the end of her pregnancy so gifting her with something that is beneficial for pregnancy is a must.  Since you know your friend, you should know what she’s needing as her pregnancy winds down.  Is she still feeling nauseated every day?  Do her hips hurt like crazy?  Is she having super bad heartburn?  Give her something that helps with whatever problem she’s having that can make the end of her pregnancy as good as it possibly can be.

Some Ideas:

Ginger Chews from Prince of Peace

Ginger has been used for thousands of years as a natural remedy throughout many cultures.  Since ginger contains tons of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds including gingerol that benefit health it supports digestion and does its part in bringing comfort to the stomach.  These Prince of Peace ginger chews are so tasty and perfect for settling all kinds of pregnancy tummy issues.  While the ginger flavor is great in and of itself, the mango flavor is a fun change of pace that still provides the same stomach support.

PS.  These Prince of Peace ginger chews are great for non-pregnant people too since they’re warming to the body and ideal for cold weather regions and months!

Something for the New Baby

My favorite part of baby shower gifts are the gifts specifically for the new baby.  I love picking out little outfits (especially girl outfits since I only make boys), adorable stuffies, and practical goodies!  Think outside of the box for your mama friend since she’s getting the basics from the non-creative people in her life.  😉

Some Ideas:

Soothie Snuggle from Phillips Avent

With each of my kiddos, my dream has been that they are able to soothe themselves with a pacifier – especially a cute pacifier like the soothie snuggle.  Unfortunately, I’m 3 for 3 of kiddos who refuse pacifiers.  Even so, I pass my dream onto other mamas when I give them adorable Philips Avent Soothie Snuggles that combine plush toys with Philips Avent Soothies.  These are the same pacifiers babies receive in the hospital if the mama decides to start the pacifier then so it’s a perfect way to help babies find, hold, and love their pacifiers.

The Soothie Snuggle has a sealed weight sewn into the end of each limb that stabilizes the toy while the baby is laying down and cleaning is simple since it is lightweight, soft, and detachable from the pacifier.  Basically it’s the perfect setup for a new little baby!

9oz Natural Bottle from Phillips Avent

Along with my pacifier dream, I’ve prayed that each of my babies would take a bottle and finally, with my third, my prayers have been answered!  Although I’m so thankful my boys have all taken to breastfeeding so easily, getting a break is a much desired relief and I’m thrilled that there are bottles like the Philips Avent Natural bottle that is designed to encourage a natural latch that feels like the latch between baby and mom.  This ergonomically shaped bottle is designed for maximum comfort when holding and is perfect for families that want to combine breast and bottle feeding.

When I know my friends are looking to combine breast and bottle feeding I love to get them a few Philips Avent Natural baby bottles to try out.  Beyond just the ultra-soft, breast-shaped nipple, the bottle also has an air flex valve that is designed to help reduce feeding issues like colic.  It’s simple to use, clean, and assembles quickly so baby doesn’t have to wait around to eat!

Something for Mama

Unfortunately, mamas can be overlooked way too much when baby showers roll around!  It’s kind of crazy because she should be absolutely celebrated during this time – not just as a baby growing vessel, but also as the amazing woman she is!  I always love putting a little something for mama into the baby shower baskets I give so my friend knows she’s valuable and remembered in and of herself.

Some Ideas:

Anti-Aging Moisturizer from Vichy

Mama exhaustion is real and mamas need all the help we can get to keep from looking tired and haggard.  VichyLiftActiv Peptide-C Anti-Aging Moisturizer helps correct tons of signs of aging including wrinkles, dull skin, loss of contour definition, and loss of firmness.  We all want those things corrected, don’t we?

Were you aware that collagen constitutes 70-80% of the dry weight of skin and that it naturally decreases with age.  This causes dullness, wrinkles, and lack of firmness.  Your friend who’s becoming a new mama will thank you for getting her a product that includes peptides – one of the most dermatologist recommended ingredients to help fight those visible effects of collagen loss on skin.

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Playtex Nursing Bras and Maternity Panties from Hanes

Confession time – I’m over 50lbs more than I was when I got married eight years ago and I yet I still have underwear from way back then!  Both the fact that I’m multiple sizes larger but am still wearing the same too small underwear AND the fact that I have over eight year old underwear is kind of not ok.  From what I’ve heard, a lot of women are in this boat and your new mama friend probably is too!  A fun way to treat her is by getting her a new nursing bra and cute maternity panties.  I love these options from Hanes because they are designed with comfort and support in mind to keep mama feeling good from early pregnancy all the way through nursing.

The Seamless Racerback Crop Wirefree Bra is an absolute must for nursing!  Its QuickStrap® Easy Open makes nursing easy anytime, anywhere and the racerback is ideal for all day comfort and versatility.  Since the bra flexes to fit, it is the perfect thing to wear as your friend’s breasts change size from pregnancy to nursing!

The V-Front Hipster Maternity Underwear are also wonderful for new mamas!  The fabric is ultrasoft and also flexes to fit as mama’s body changes.  It fits comfortably under the belly for pregnancy but has full coverage in the back.  Plus, we all know how much we love tag free items… And these panties are just that!

Something for After Birth

There are tons of items that are needed after the birth of your friend’s precious little one so make sure you’re adding some of those to the gift basket.  These are sentimental or practical items that people don’t necessarily think about before the little person arrives but are so wonderful to have on hand!

Some Ideas:

Medipro Baby First Aid Pod from Me4Kidz

If you’re looking for something on the practical end for after birth, this 105 item first aid pod is what you need to get!  Let’s face it, kiddos get hurt.  As much as we do our best to prevent any injury, we can’t raise our kids in bubbles.  Instead of stressing about what we’re going to do when fevers hit or cuts happen, everyone should have a comprehensive first aid kit at their fingertips.  I love giving my new mama friends the Medipro BABY first aid pod.  Bandages, wipes, cold packs…  Everything is there for your safety needs.  The pods come in three levels that are neatly organized so you can size down when you’re wanting a smaller sized first aid kit for on the go.  It’s always good to be safe so the whole kit is latex and allergy friendly!

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Guess How Much I Love You 25th Anniversary Book from Candlewick Press

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more sentimental gift for after your friend’s baby’s birth, this precious hardcover book can’t be beat!  Guess How Much I Love You has been beloved by many, many families for a quarter of a century.  This 25th anniversary edition has a beautiful slipcase for this keepsake hardcover and features a limited-edition giclée print.

Guess How Much I Love You is a classic story about Big Nutbrown Hare and Little Nutbrown Hare who playfully vow a universe of affection and beautifully highlights the bond between parent and child.  Having sold over 43 million copies worldwide, Guess How Much I Love You is one of the world’s best-loved picture books.  It’s bound to become one of the most loved books of your friend’s family too.

Discount Code: Use code CANDLEWICK at checkout on for 25% your book order (US Purchases Only) 

Baby items sitting in front of fireplace

Your Turn:
What are your go-to gifts for your mama friend?
Which of these items have you tried before?

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