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Four Months at a Glance {Daniel}

September 17, 2019

Four month update - Daniel

I think I’m just going to have to stop commenting on the fact that these monthly updates are written a few weeks after they should be.  He’s my third child and he’s getting pictures on his month birthday and monthly updates.  He should be thankful.  😉

Daniel’s Stats:
Weight: 16lb 13oz (8/27/19)
Height: 26 1/2 inches (8/27/19)
Clothing Size: 3-6 Months and Size 2 Diapers


Unlike his brothers at this age, Daniel still hasn’t had too many milestones.  Both the older boys were rolling a few days before turning three months and here he is at four months, still not rolling over.  I asked his doctor about it and she said that actually that’s fairly normal in kids with older siblings because they’re often held/carried/touched all the time and don’t have the opportunity to roll.  That’s definitely true for him.  If he’s laying anywhere on the floor, chances are one or both of his big brothers are right next to him, not giving him room to wiggle, let alone roll.

We had another crazy busy month – especially with me getting ready for our MOPS year to start up – and Daniel handled it so well.  Kiddo really doesn’t mind being carted around every which way.  He’s starting to rebel a bit against being in a carrier which breaks my heart and I’m wondering if it might be because he likes being able to look out at the world.  I might try out a forward facing carrier and see what he thinks about it.


No worries in the eating department with Daniel.  He’s a pro nurser and it makes me so happy that it is working out for me to nurse easily again.

Finally, after trying over and over again, Daniel has decided that he’ll take a bottle…  From me…  Which basically defeats the purpose.  We’re still working on it and, when he’s hungry enough, he’ll take it from Nate.  At the very least I want him to be able to take the bottle from his grandma since that’s who he’ll be with when Nate and I go away for a weekend in about a month.

Social Skills

Finally my little guy is starting to like people other than me.  I’m still absolutely his favorite but he tolerates his daddy and brothers so much better now.  Although Jojo is still just as aggressive in his love, Daniel is starting to get used to it.  When he’s playful Daniel is willing to hang out with anyone but being tired or hungry means mama is the only answer.

Now smiling is another story.  Danny boy is the smiliest little baby and is quick to grin at anyone who pays attention to him.  The old ladies in our church are the ones who like this the most because he grins at them during the service and who doesn’t like that?


Hot or cold, folks.  This kiddo is HOT or COLD!  Little man will be kicking around, happy as a clam and then it’s like a switch gets flipped and, all of a sudden, he is a terror!  Thankfully I have learned that his terror means he’s either tired or hungry and I can help take care of those things easily.


Danny has become the cutest little babbler and I am the biggest fan of it!  My favorite (or maybe least favorite since it means people look at me) is when he wakes up from his during church nap and starts babbling away as our pastor finishes his sermon.  I’m just hopeful that it’s a good alarm for him – Daniel’s awake, gotta wrap this sermon up.  😉

His babbling is also becoming more and more in response to us talking to him.  It’s fun to have “conversations” with Daniel and Caleb loves “translating” what Daniel is saying to us.  Caleb’s pretty much the best big brother!


There are still no injuries or illnesses to report!  We did have to take him down to Portland to see a specialist for some testing but for now we’ll leave it at that.


Ooo…  There was a bit of a worry about sleep there for a hot second.  Early in the month Daniel slept through the night one night and then, every night after that, decided he needed two wake ups a night.  No sir!  Eventually Nate and I realized that he was breaking out of his swaddle every night and getting his hands free.  Once we pulled out the next size up swaddles and confined the little man at night again he went back to only waking up once!  Praise hands for that!  He’s sleeping from about 8-8 with one wake up.

We’ve settled into a four nap schedule finally and, while they’re not always predictable as to which will be longer and which will be shorter, I can usually count on four naps.  His longest nap typically overlaps with his big brothers’ naps!!!  One of his naps is in my room while Josiah sleeps in the nursery and Caleb sleeps in the big boy bedroom but his other naps are all in the nursery.  I’m thankful we’ve figured out how to make sleep work in our home.

Unfortunately, Daniel has decided sleeping in the car is not his favorite so it seems as though our life of planning long drives at nap time isn’t a thing for now.  We’re hoping to somehow convince him that car naps are the best.  😉  Thankfully he still sleeps pretty well in a carrier so, as long as he’s cuddled up with me, he’ll sleep on the go.

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