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Disney on Ice Tips to Make Your Experience More Magical

October 28, 2019

Do you still have the wonder of a child?  I find that experiencing something like Disney on Ice with kids brings out the child in each of us.  We attended Disney on Ice Mickey’s Search Party in Portland last night and it was an incredible experience.  Whether this is your first time to see a show or you’re a seasoned pro, here are some Disney on Ice tips to make your experience even more magical.

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My family was gifted tickets to opening night of Disney on Ice Mickey’s Search Party.
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Disney on Ice Tips and Tricks

Pick the Show

As of October 2019 there are five Disney on Ice shows to choose from.  These shows feature different Disney characters and different skating skills.  Looking through the options and choosing the one that’s right for you and your family is so much fun!

  • Worlds of Enchantment:  This show features four fantastic Disney stories – Cars, The Little Mermaid, Toy Story 3, and Frozen.  From wheels to waves, icy wonderlands to infinity and beyond, your family’s favorite Disney moments come to life at Disney On Ice Worlds of Enchantment.
  • Mickey’s Search Party: Mickey Mouse and his friends lead us on an adventure following Captain Hook’s treasure Map in the search for Tinker Bell.  Disney on Ice Mickey’s Search Party features Coco, Moana, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen along with Aladdin, Toy Story, and The Little Mermaid as the search party becomes an all-out magical celebration on the ice, in the air, and all around!
  • Celebrate Memories: Share the excitement and make new memories the whole family will treasure forever!  Disney on Ice Celebrate Memories features Moana, Toy Story, Frozen, and the Disney Princesses.
  • Road Trip Adventures: Join Mickey Mouse and his pals as they embark on a wild ride to all your favorite Disney destinations when you see Disney on Ice Road Trip Adventures.  Featuring Moana, Lion King, Aladdin, and Toy Story – this fun-filled “getaway” is jam packed with unexpected excitement.
  • Dream Big: Your favorite Disney heroes learn to do more than just believe in Disney on Ice Dream BigCoco, Moana, Frozen, and tons of your favorite Princesses share magical moments that are filled with our beloved songs and stories.

We saw Dare to Dream last year (unfortunately that one is no longer touring) and Mickey’s Search Party this year and loved both of them!    Going to Disney on Ice with kids is basically my favorite!  Make sure you check the Disney on Ice website to see when each of the shows are playing in your hometown.

Disney on Ice with Kids. Disney on Ice Mickey's Search Party. How to save money at Disney on Ice

Decide on Your Budget

Disney on Ice can be as cheap as simply paying for tickets (and maybe parking – which can be pricey!) or as expensive as you want it to be.  Before making any purchases, I suggest seeing if you can find discounted tickets anywhere.  Sometimes your favorite area bloggers will have discount codes to share with you or you can go to the Disney on Ice Facebook page and find some great exclusive presale discounts!  You can also sign up for a Disney account on the Disney on Ice website and choose to receive emails with updates, special offers, and other information from Disney On Ice.

Once you have your tickets, you need to decide what you are and are not willing to spend money on in the arena.  There are all sorts of goodies, souvenirs, and food throughout the arena and chances are your kids will beg for one of everything.  Don’t let them manipulate you if you weren’t planning on buying anything 😉 but it’s also fun to sometimes budget for a treat or souvenir for your little people.

If you’re looking for a little something extra special, consider a character meet and greet before the event.  They are an added cost but can be really special – especially if your kid’s favorite character is involved.  The meet and greet before our show was a story time with Belle (with a special appearance from Mickey!) and my little Belle loving heart would have loved it as a kid!  Check out the Disney on Ice website to find out if there will be a special meet and greet in your arena.

Get a Lay of the Land

We attended Disney on Ice Mickey’s Search Party at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.  We have been to a decent number of events at the arena so knew about things like parking and where the box office was.  If you’re not familiar with the arena at which you’re attending Disney on Ice, figure out parking and get acquainted with where the box office is and things like that.  It would be such a bummer to be looking around for things like that and miss out on some of the show.

Once you’re in the arena and find your seats it’s always a good idea to figure out where the nearest bathrooms are.  Since you’re attending Disney on Ice with kids, chances are they will need to use the restroom during the show.  In order to miss as little as possible you’ll know right where it is to run in and out quickly!

Bring Your Own Magic

If you’re trying to save money on your visit to Disney on Ice, one of my favorite Disney on Ice tips is to bring along some magic!  Throughout the arena there are kiosks to purchase fun glow in the dark wands, sparkly light up bubble makers, and so much more!  The arena is full of kids with glowing goodies and your kids are definitely going to want to join in on the fun!  My suggestion is to skip purchasing from the kiosks and find some glow in the dark goodies before seeing the show.

This year I stopped at Walmart and picked up some glow stick ears (totally worked for Mickey ears) and bracelets.  My boys loved wearing the ears and waving the glow sticks around.  They were enjoying being like the other kids but, instead of spending $35 we spent $5.  Some other places I would look would be the dollar store or amazon.  You’ll probably have to spend a bit more if you’re wanting to get Disney themed items but you will spend nowhere near as much as you’d spend in the arena.

Before heading into the arena with your own goodies, make sure you’ve looked into the policies of what you can bring.  Our arena doesn’t allow outside food or drink so I was glad I hadn’t tried to bring snacks along but the glow sticks and ears were totally fine.

Disney on Ice Mickey's Search Party. How to save money at Disney on Ice. Disney on Ice tips

Dress the Part

At Disney on Ice, kids 14 and under are allowed and even encouraged to dress up like their favorite character.  It was so cute to see kids running around dressed like Woody, one of the princesses, Coco, and so many other characters!  My boys aren’t huge fans of dressing up (unless they get to be superheros) so we opted to have them wear their Mickey Mouse shirts.  They loved it and Josiah kept pointing at Mickey Mouse on the ice and then at his shirt and back again yelling out “Mouse, Mouse!”

When  you’re planning out your outfits, keep in mind that you are seeing an ice skating show.  On average you can expect it to be about 10 degrees cooler in the arena than it is outside.  Sweatshirts or a thicker long sleeve shirt are typically recommended to make sure you’re comfortable and able to enjoy the show.

Disney on Ice outfit idea. Disney on Ice with Kids. Disney on Ice Mickey's Search Party

Expect Age Appropriate Behavior

You know your child best so be aware of what their attention span is and plan accordingly.  The shows vary in length but you can plan on about 90 minutes to 2 hours – including a 15 to 20 minute intermission.  Disney on Ice Mickey’s Search Party was about 90 minutes and, although my big boys are pretty good about sitting still while watching things. I knew they would start getting a little antsy toward the end.  I saved some of the glow sticks specifically for that moment and allowed them to play while the show finished up.

Going to Disney on Ice with kids is great because the whole event is totally family friendly.  It’s fine if your kiddos make noise, squirm, yell out to the characters, or whatever.  All the other kids are doing it too.  😉  Definitely either have your kids stay in their seats or take them out of the performance part of the arena if they can’t sit still so others can see and enjoy the show but being quiet isn’t a complete necessity.

Since Josiah just potty trained over the summer, we knew it would be tough for him to sit through a whole show without having to use the bathroom.  Nate took the boys to the bathroom during the last song before intermission and beat the lines.  Definitely consider this so you’re not spending precious time in line.

I know a lot of people wouldn’t bring their babies to events like this but we decided to bring Daniel along.  He’s six months old and typically goes to bed at 7:30.  The show didn’t start until 7 so I was hopeful he would fall asleep at some point.  The music isn’t horribly loud but I had purchased ear protection just to be sure and had him wear them during the first act, hoping it would muffle the noise and allow him to sleep.  He was not about that, though, since all the colors and movement were mesmerizing to him.  Thankfully he did fall asleep during intermission and slept through most of the second act.

Disney on Ice with a baby. Disney on Ice tips. Disney on Ice with kids

I hope these Disney on Ice tips help as you plan your own magical evening!

Your Turn:
Have you seen Disney on Ice with kids?  What was your favorite show?
What Disney on Ice tips would you add to this list?

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