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How to Get Three Kids to Nap at the Same Time

October 7, 2019

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I am passionate about sleep. In my household, making sure my boys get the sleep they need – both naps and bedtimes – is one of my top priorities! One of my other top priorities is to make it so I do not have it where there is always someone sleeping in my house. In order to have that not happen, I do my best to make sure naps overlap as best they can. In fact, I found a great creative solution for how to get three kids to nap at the same time.

In transitioning our household to be ready for a third baby, we shifted from our two older boys sleeping in their own bedrooms to the two of them (a two year old and a four year old) sharing a room. It was definitely a rough transition and there was a lot of discipline, frustration, late nights, and tears (from all of us!) but, eventually, the boys got used to sharing a room and bedtime became more normal again.

Although we eventually got bedtime sorted out, nap time just wasn’t going to happen with the two of them sharing a room. Thankfully we still had the crib in the nursery where we could nap the two year old and we let the four year old stay in his room. There were a few reasons napping together didn’t work. One was because the two year old sleeps an hour more than the four year old and we weren’t about to have him get woken up early and another was that our boys just love each other way too much and want to play instead of sleep. Once Daniel joined our lives, he was so easy going and napped where ever. You know, typical newborn status. As he got more aware of the world and no longer was able to sleep whenever, where ever we had to figure out how to do nap time in our home…

How to Get Three Kids to Nap at the Same Time

Our super effective way to make sure all our boys get proper naps is to play musical bedrooms. We live in a three bedroom house with three boys so there is no way they can each get their own room… But they don’t each have to have only one bed. In our three bedroom house with five people living in it there are six beds… And, yes, my husband and I still share a bed. 😉 Each bedroom has two beds in it for different people at different times.


During Daniel’s first and third naps and during the night he sleeps in a bassinet in the nursery. There also is a crib set up in the nursery, though, and, during Daniel’s middle nap/the big boy’s only nap, Josiah sleeps in the crib and gets the nursery to himself.

Big Boy Room

Like I said before, the big boys share a room at bedtime. There’s a twin bed for Caleb and a different crib for Josiah (this one has the mattress lowered all the way down because he figured out how to climb out of it at the normal height). During nap time Caleb gets the big boy room to himself since Josiah is sleeping in the nursery.

Parent’s Room

Obviously, since the big boys are in the two kids’ rooms, Nate’s and my room is the one place the baby can go for that nap. Because of this, in addition to our bed, there is also a cradle in our room where Daniel takes his middle nap.

Keeping an Eye on Them

Since my boys are always in different rooms, it’s important to me that I have ways of keeping my eye on them and making sure they truly are sleeping. In the big boy’s room we recently added the VTech RM5762 Wi-Fi Remote Access Video Baby Monitor with 5″display and 1080p HD 360-degree Pan & Tilt Camera. Like I said before, they were acting up at bedtime way too much and this video monitor is one of the reasons that stopped. Once they knew they weren’t going to be able to get away with their shenanigans since we had our eyes on them they stopped trying! VTech devices are stylish and don’t seem totally out of place in our boys’ bedroom designs. We also love the option of being able to watch our kiddos on our phones using the MyVTech Baby 1080p app. Gotta spy on our kiddos where ever we are. 😉 Viewing on an iOS or Android device still produces crystal-clear, high-definition video!

Every family is different and needs different things out of a monitor and VTech has all sorts of options ranging from a simple audio monitor to an option with audio, video AND soothing lullabies! You can order VTech baby monitor from buybuy BABY or go into the store to pick one up!

You can also get the VTech RM5762-2 Wi-Fi Remote Access Video Baby Monitor with 2 Pan & Tilt Cameras if you’re wanting to see multiple rooms (since it comes with two cameras) or you could get the VTech RM5752 Wi-Fi Remote Access Video Baby Monitor which is the same camera but doesn’t include the pan and tilt function.

Will This Work for Everyone?

Of course this idea will not work for every family! Maybe this tip will work for you and your kids and that’s exciting to me. But, if it won’t, my point to you is to get creative! Find solutions that work for YOUR family and don’t worry about what other people are doing. Do I feel weird having six beds in my home? Absolutely! Is sleep more important to me than feeling weird about having six beds in my home? Double absolutely! Make creative choices that work for your family and let everyone get the sleep they drastically need.

Your Turn:
Which VTech baby monitor is the best fit for your family?
What creative solution do you use to get your kids to nap at the same time?

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