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Three Reasons I’m Giving My Baby Probiotics

November 22, 2019

This post is sponsored by Evivo, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Baby probiotics. Baby probiotic powder. b infantis Baby Probiotic

It’s so hard to know how to best care for your little one.  Breastfeeding or formula feeding?  Vaccination or no vaccination?  Co-sleeping or having them in their own room?  The debates and decisions are basically endless and, for most of them, there are great reasons for both (or all) options!

Honestly, I try to steer away from these mama debates.  I have my thoughts and opinions but see value in the opinions of others.  We all need to do what’s right for us, our little ones, and our families.  That being said, I thought I’d share a few of my reasons I give my baby probiotics powder so you can make the choice to add it to your life too.

Baby probiotics. Baby probiotic powder. b infantis Baby Probiotic

Three Reasons I am Giving My Baby Probiotics

Family History

I wish with all my heart that I had known about B. infantis baby probiotics when Caleb was a newborn.  He was a HORRIBLE baby.  Caleb screamed all the time.  I spent my days holding him, bouncing him on a yoga ball to try to get him to sleep for even 20 minutes, and praying that I could figure out what was wrong with him.  I talked to his pediatrician about what was going on and she said that sometimes babies are just fussy.  Obviously she didn’t understand how much he cried!

Fast forward to his 18 month appointment…  Little man was starting to get puffy and lethargic and I knew something was wrong.  I moved his appointment sooner so he could be seen for the puffiness and his checkup and the doctor was super concerned.  She said based on his symptoms he potentially had leukemia, kidney failure, or a severe dairy protein intolerance and sent us immediately to the lab to get some blood work done to figure out what was going on.

Long story short, turns out Caleb has had a severe dairy protein intolerance his whole life and we just didn’t know it.  He was screaming all day every day because his gut hurt.  One of the ways his symptoms were treated was by getting on a powerful probiotic to help heal his gut.

From there on out, I was certain this was not going to happen to another one of my children.  The first six months of a child’s life are critical for autoimmune and metabolic development so finding a good baby probiotic powder was definitely something I was going to do!

Baby probiotics. Baby probiotic powder. b infantis Baby Probiotic

Antibiotic Usage

Unfortunately, with both my older boys, I was Group B Strep positive at the end of my pregnancy so had antibiotics in my iv during delivery.  I’ve since learned how taking a quality probiotic can help a woman not be Group B Strep positive and ended up not testing positive/needing antibiotics during my last delivery.

Since I had antibiotics during my deliveries with the older boys, their gut microbiome was compromised.  Historically, Bifidobacteria such as B. infantis dominated the baby’s gut microbiome.  With the presence of  B. infantis, many other strains of harmful bacteria are kept from growing.  Amazingly, with the prevalence of antibiotic use and c-sections (both GOOD modern medical advances that save lives!), 9 out of 10 babies in the US no longer have B. infantis in their gut microbiome!  I want to heal my boys’ guts so I started giving Josiah a b infantis baby probiotic from the get-go!

Future Health

It’s crazy to hear about the part a person’s gut health plays in their overall health.  There is a direct link to too much bad bacteria in a baby’s gut and conditions like allergies, diabetes, colic, eczema, and obesity!  There are studies that show that all these conditions are on the rise!

In order to do my part in helping my children’s future health, I want to ensure they have the presence of B. infantis in their system in the first six months of their lives when their metabolism and immune systems are developing.  A good baby probiotics powder can add just that!

Baby probiotics. Baby probiotic powder. b infantis Baby Probiotic

The Baby Probiotics Powder We Use – Evivo

Evivo is the first and only clinically proven baby probiotics.  It is the only probiotic that contains B. infantis EVC001, the strain that is clinically proven to create a protective environment in a baby’s gut.  This probiotic is best combined with breastmilk since the breastmilk activates the good bacteria and provides noticeable benefits within days.

Here are some recent survey results from moms giving their baby Evivo:

  • 65% of moms report a decrease in colic symptoms, such as gassiness and fussiness, after giving baby Evivo.
  • 52% notice baby’s nighttime sleep is longer/more consistent
  • 64% notice less/no gas or fussiness
  • 71% notice less/no diaper rash

Evivo is key to setting a foundation for lifelong health.

Your Turn:
Do you use Evivo as your baby probiotics powder?
Had you heard that it was important to give your little one a B. infantis baby probiotic?

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Baby probiotics. Baby probiotic powder. b infantis Baby Probiotic

Baby probiotics. Baby probiotic powder. b infantis Baby Probiotic


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