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The 5 Best Sleep Tips for Parents

December 12, 2019

I am all about the sleep tips for parents!  We tend to make sure parents know ways to be getting more sleep with a newborn baby but often we stop there.  This post has tips on how to prevent sleep deprivation for parents of all ages!

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Best sleep tips for parents. Getting better sleep with a newborn baby. How to prevent sleep deprivation

Once upon a time I didn’t have children.  I could go to bed and expect to sleep a full 8 (or 9 or 10) hours – waking up rested and ready to start my day.  Those were the heavenly glory days and I miss them with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength!  (And don’t @ me.  I obviously love my children and wouldn’t trade them for sleep.  But also I might.)

I knew it was going to be impossible to work on getting more sleep with a newborn baby but I didn’t realize the possibility of getting sleep never came back!

Now days I go to bed and know I’ll be woken up at least three times throughout the night.  None of my three children sleep through the night and it’s ridiculous!  My baby still nurses at least once a night, my toddler is starting nighttime potty training so has to use the bathroom at two in the morning, my preschooler has nightmares…  There’s always something.  Sometimes I think there will be a day when my boys are older and I will sleep well again but then I remember that they will be in middle school someday and will have class projects that they need help with but have forgotten about until 8pm the night before it’s due.  Then they’ll learn to drive and I’ll stay up because I need to make sure they get home safely.  I’m never sleeping well again in my life.

I can’t change my children and the way they need me but I’m definitely learning tips on how to prevent sleep deprivation because, if I don’t, I’m going to go crazy!  And don’t worry, I’ve got some sleep tips for parents that I’m sure you want to know about!

Couple on mattress.  Best sleep tips for parents. Getting better sleep with a newborn baby.  How to prevent sleep deprivation

Sleep Tips for Parents

Turn Off Your Phone

I know, it is SO hard to put down our phones for any length of time but it is vital to a good night sleep.  Not only do the screens on our phone shower us with blue light that delays the release of sleep-inducing melatonin but the information we consume on our phones cause our brains to run like mad!  Whether you’re on Instagram struggling with lifestyle envy or reading the news and hearing about all the hard things going on in the world, your brain has a hard time shutting off.

When I was working on getting more sleep with a newborn baby it was easy for me to forget that pulling out my phone each time I nursed at night was actually telling my brain to stay awake.  I was trying to fill my brain during nursing time but, instead, I was keeping myself from getting the sleep I needed.

I try to (emphasis on TRY!) get off my phone about an hour before bedtime.  I always find I sleep better when I’m disciplined and that happens.  On the days that I can’t turn off my phone early I make sure I’m not filling my brain with things that will keep me up at night.  No news, stressful conversations, or things like that.  I also have my phone go on yellow mode at 8:30 every night and that helps decrease the blue light yuckiness.

Establish a Great Bedtime Routine

Having a bedtime that rarely changes is super important to a good night sleep.  Our bodies were made to have a regular rhythm.  Going to bed at a certain time and then waking up at a certain time makes our bodies happy.

It’s also wonderful to create a routine that tells your body that it is time to sleep.  You know how you’re supposed to do a bedtime routine with your kids to help them know it’s bedtime?  That works for grown ups too!  Come up with a routine that works for your lifestyle and do it every night to train yourself that it means bedtime.

Meditate or Pray

As a Christian, I firmly believe in the power of prayer.  Before bed I love to spend time talking to Jesus and giving him my worries, joys, stresses, and wins.  Leaving my deep feelings – both good and bad – with Jesus helps me fall asleep in peace.  I also love to meditate on Bible verses as I drift off to sleep; drowning myself in the Word of God.  Whether you believe as I do or not, finding a way to leave behind your deep feelings is vital for a good night sleep.

Family on mattress

Invest in a Quality Mattress

When Nate and I were first married we purchased a used mattress for $200 off Craigslist.  At first it was ok but by year six it was THE WORST!  I rolled into Nate while we were sleeping and we both were struggling with lots of back pain.  I am a PICKY sleeper (not by choice) so touching anyone while I sleep, hearing another person snore, and being uncomfortable makes it impossible for me to sleep.  We’ve had three newborns and getting more sleep with a newborn baby was impossible with our mattress!  We needed a new mattress and didn’t want to get another $200 Craigslist mattress this time.

After doing some research we settled on the Luft Luxury Firm Multi-Sleeper bed.  It is a GAME CHANGER!  This mattress was created for side sleepers (that’s me!) that need a little bit firmer of a feel.  It has great pushback, hug, and contour balance!  It’s amazing to be able to lay down on a mattress and not immeiately have my hips hurt.  Luft has two other comfort levels for their mattresses so they’re bound to have one that’s right for you.  Don’t go another night without investing in a mattress that’s going to help you sleep.

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Two boys on mattress.  Best sleep tips for parents. Getting better sleep with a newborn baby.  How to prevent sleep deprivation

Communicate with Your Spouse

Nate and I have three boys and all of them wake up at least once a night.  If I had to get up with all of them every time I would never sleep.  Nate and I sat down with one another and had a frank conversation about our sleep needs, our boys, and how we could help one another.  We decided dividing and conquering was the way to go.  Nate is on big boy duty during the night and I’m on baby duty.  It works for us and we’re both getting as much sleep as we can.

Have those conversations with your spouse.  Figure out how to prevent sleep deprivation for each other!  Discuss your family situation and what needs to happen so each of you gets the sleep you need.  Come to an agreement that is a win for both of you.  Being willing to serve your spouse is key so make sure you’re not giving all the tasks away.  It will make everyone happier in the long run.

Your Turn:
What sleep tips for parents do you follow?
Do you have tips on how to prevent sleep deprivation?

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Best sleep tips for parents. Getting better sleep with a newborn baby. How to prevent sleep deprivation

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