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How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth and Gums

January 3, 2020

Ever wonder how to care for your baby’s teeth and gums?  Do you have any idea what you should be answering when the dentist asks when did you start brushing your baby’s teeth?  Find out all the information (including my opinion on the best baby toothbrush) below!

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How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth and Gums. When Did You Start Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth. Best Baby Toothbrush

Confession time – When Caleb was a baby I had no idea I should be brushing his teeth.  His first tooth popped through at about four months old but I didn’t even think to find out how to care for my baby’s teeth and gums!  When I finally took Caleb to the dentist at two years old the dentist asked me “When did you start brushing your baby’s teeth?”  I couldn’t answer him because, even then, I still wasn’t brushing them.

Thankfully I’m a seasoned pro at parenting now and my third child doesn’t have to go through the silly mom mistakes my first had to go through.  Now I’m all about making sure my baby has good oral hygiene.

Side note: I am not a medical professional and nothing I say should be taken as medical advice.  Take your baby into a dentist if you have any specific questions regarding his or her oral health.

Three Steps for How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth and Gums

Start From the Very Beginning

Don’t wait until your precious little one has teeth to begin caring for their gums.  This needs to be a constant routine from day one.  Get a clean, damp washcloth or infant toothbrush and gently clean baby’s gums to get rid of harmful bacteria.  Work this into your daily life so it’s not something that you forget.  After feeding or before sleeping are great times to wipe baby’s gums down.

Change Things Up When Teeth Break Through

Once your baby pops out his or her first tooth it’s time to change up your oral care routine.  If you haven’t been using an infant toothbrush now is the time to get one.  Use water and a tiny bit of toothpaste to make sure your little one’s pearly whites are staying pearly white.  Your baby will be swallowing the toothpaste so make sure to get a quality brand with safe ingredients.  Talk to your dentist if you need guidance.

Gradually Start Flossing

When enough teeth have broken through and they touch it’s time to start flossing.  It would be heartbreaking for your little one to get cavities in between his or her teeth.  Work on flossing once a day before brushing.

My Opinion on the Best Baby Toothbrush

Baby Banana Infant Toothbrushes

I’ve always known about the cute Baby Banana toothbrushes.  I mean, they’re made to look like bananas!  How adorable is that?  Well, the brand recently came out with a couple new toothbrushes – a unicorn and a dragon!  Oh my goodness, they are precious!

The company says it best – They didn’t invent the toothbrush, they made it safer!  Baby Banana toothbrushes are made from the highest quality food grade silicone and are completely bendable and flexible.  This prevents oral injury if a little one were to trip, bite down hard, or have a hand slip while having their teeth brushed or learning how to brush themselves.

Just like on the original banana design, the dragon and unicorn are easy to grasp.  The wings are perfect handles and they attach wonderfully to pacifier straps!  Stick your baby’s toothbrush into the freezer and it’s soothing for your teething little one.  So much goodness in one infant toothbrush!

Other Baby Banana Products

Baby banana isn’t just about the best baby toothbrushes.  There’s so much more to how to care for your baby’s teeth and gums and Baby Banana has them all!  You can find teethers, two flavors of tooth gel, and toddler toothbrushes!  All their products are adorable but, most importantly, safe for your baby!

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Your Turn:
When did you start brushing your baby’s teeth?
Are you going to try out the best baby toothbrush?

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How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth and Gums. When Did You Start Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth. Best Baby Toothbrush

How to Care for Your Baby’s Teeth and Gums. When Did You Start Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth. Best Baby Toothbrush
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