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100 Things to do with Toilet Paper Rolls

April 29, 2020

Do you save empty toilet paper rolls when you’re done with them?  If not, you should!  Check out the 100 things to do with toilet paper rolls and start crafting away!

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Once upon a time on Instagram stories I shared a little clip of me pulling the toilet paper roll off the holder and shove it in my toilet paper roll drawer to save for a project later on.  Since then I’ve been dubbed the toilet paper roll queen and over and over again people send me ideas of things to do with empty toilet paper rolls.

Toilet paper roll queen is a title I happily accept!

Now, since the stores are all out of toilet paper and you can’t find it anywhere, my assumption is that everyone must be using the bathroom more than normal.  😉  Whether that’s true or not, we all find ourselves with empty toilet paper rolls every now and then.  Instead of throwing them away (or, better yet, recycling them) there are all sorts of things to do with toilet paper rolls!  Check out these 100 fantastic ideas!!!

100 Things to do with Toilet Paper Rolls


Let’s start off with some of the more obvious ways to use toilet paper rolls…  Creating fun little characters for kids to play with!  These characters can be used as puppets, dolls, decorations, and so much more!  No matter what animal or character your kiddo is obsessed with, you can figure out a way to make them with toilet paper rolls!

1. Bats

2. Tube People

3. Mermaid

4. Butterfly

5. Ghost

6. Peeking Groundhog

7. Ninja

8. Fire Breathing Dragon

9. Robot

10. Pirate and Parrot

11. Monster

12. Unicorn

13. Minions

14. Little Red Riding Hood Characters

15. Olaf

16. Chicken

17. Turkeys

18. Bumblebee

19. Lion

20. Yarn Monster

21. Dinosaurs

22. Shark

23. Flying Carp

24. Penguin

25. Ladybug


Since I’m a boy mom, vehicles are some of my favorite things to make with toilet paper rolls.  We love putting together working vehicles or vehicles that are just to play with!

26. Rocket Ship

27. Toy Car Parking Garage

28. Airplane

29. Train

30. Race Track

31. Space Shuttle

32. Race Car

Garden Help

It’s amazing how helpful empty toilet paper rolls can be in the garden!  Since they are biodegradable they’re the perfect FREE item to use in so many ways!

33. Fire Starter

34. Compost Material

35. Biodegradable Seed Starters

36. Birdfeeder

Fun With Animals

Animals like empty toilet paper rolls as much as humans do!  These ideas will be loved by your little critters!

37. Gerbil Tunnels and Chew Toys

38. Cat Treat Dispenser

Tactile Kids Activities

It’s always good to put together tactile activities for our kids to learn with and it’s even more important during this season of life, when we’re all stuck at home!

39. Marble Maze

40. Ball Drop Tube

41. Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

42. Building Blocks

43. Balloon Bug Tennis

44. Apple Stamps

45. Cardboard Beads Threading

46. Fine Motor Rubber Band Challenge

47. Color Matching Maze

48. Shape Stamping

49. Domino Challenge

50. Magnetic Tubes

51. Cardboard Tube Construction

52. Straw and Cardboard Building

Creative Play

Want to keep your kiddos from getting bored?  Help them put together a creation using empty toilet paper rolls that will assist them in creative play!

53. Marionette Puppy

54. DIY Stephoscope

55. Binoculars

56. Paper Lanterns

57. Percussion Instruments

58. Superhero Armor

59. Rainbow Shaker Wand

60. Play Watch

61. Kaleidoscope

62. Kazoo

63. Tinker Box Inventors Kit

64. Trumpet

Teaching Help

Everyone is homeschooling right now so you might want to try some new, hands on ways to help your kids learn!

65. Word Pull Out Activity

66. Feelings Learning Activity

67. Number Order Activity

68. Rainbow Sorting Activity

69. Letter and Number Recognition

70. Tube Pattern Matching

71. Sticker Shape Matching

72. Letter Tunnel

73. Word Families

74. Alphabet Ping Pong

Beauty and Fashion

Mamas, even though we’re not seeing anyone these days, we still have to take time for ourselves.  Amazingly enough, toilet paper rolls can help us with that!

75. Hold Your Shoes in Shape

76. Hair Curlers

77. Recycled Jewelry

78. Friendship Bracelet

79. Tote Bag

Party Items

We may not be having parties right now but someday we will again!  Empty TP rolls are perfect for adding a little special something to your party plans!

80. Confetti Poppers

81. Gift Box

82. Baseball Shaped Utensil Holders

83. Wedding Favors

84. Christmas Cracker

85. Mini Album

86. Napkin Rings

Organizational Items

Anyone else cleaning and organizing ALL THE THINGS right now?  One of my favorite things to do with toilet paper rolls is creating items that help with storage and organization!

87. Cord Organization

88. Wrapping Paper Storage

89. Toy Car Storage

90. Yarn Holder

91. Desk Organizer

92. Jewelry Organization

93. Phone Holder

Home Decorations

Did you know you can create some AMAZING home decorations with TP rolls?  Sometimes I don’t even realize the creations started out in the bathroom!

94. Faux Iron Gate

95. Flowers

96. Picture Frame

97. Heart Wreath

98. Faux Brass Wall Clock

99. Rose Flower

100. Faux Metal Wall Art

What other ideas do you have of things to do with toilet paper rolls?

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