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How to Send Joy to Others

July 22, 2020

Even when you’re away from a loved one, it’s fun to find ways to love on them.  If you’re wondering how to bring joy to others, this post is for you!

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How to bring joy to others

In today’s world, very few of us live near all the people we love.  We move away from parents, friends move away from us, we meet someone on the internet…  The reasons are endless!  Although it’s fun to be able to travel and see loved ones, sometimes that’s just not possible.  Instead, we have to be creative with the way we love on them.

One of my favorite ways to show others that they’re loved is by sending simple, but thoughtful things to them.  I try to think up ways to bring joy to others through sending them fun goodies and I’ve come up with some creative ideas.  You may want to try a few yourself!

How to Bring Joy to Others

Send a Care Package

Everyone loves a good care package, don’t they?  It’s a great way to show that you love someone and that you know them.  A good care package is full of goodies that speak to the receiver’s heart.  Got a grandma who loves to crochet?  Pick up her favorite yarn and crochet magazine.  Got a dad who loves to BBQ?  Get some hoity toity BBQ sauce and rub for him.  Got kids who love playing outdoors?  Pick up some fun outdoor toys.

While I love mailing out fun gifts, if the receiver is near enough, I’d rather ding-dong-ditch the package.  It adds an element of challenge to the joy!  Just package it up and try to get it on the receiver’s porch without being spotted!

Send a Video

Technology is a glorious thing!  I love that I can send personal videos or voice messages even when the people I love are far away.  You can make it as hard or as easy as you want when it comes to sending videos.  You can record something really fast and push send or edit the clip, add music to it, and make it super special.  However you do it, the person on the receiving end is sure to feel a smattering of joy after watching it!

Personally, I love to include my boys in videos – especially when sending those videos to grandparents.  They get to be as silly as they want since I know the people who love them want to see it!  I love teaching my boys how to bring joy to others at such a young age!

Send a Christmas Card

Time out…  It’s July, right?  Why on earth am I talking about sending out a Christmas Card?  Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my mind quite yet.

I’ll be honest with you – I don’t typically send out Christmas cards.  The Christmas season is busy and I do my best to keep it from getting stressful so I don’t bother with picking out a photo, putting together a card, finding ALL THE ADDRESSES, and getting them sent out.  The cool thing is, July is a lot less busy for me so I could have time to mail out some cards – especially this year!

Basic Invite is a website that is perfect for picking out my Christmas (or Christmas in July) cards!  Their website is chalk full of Christmas cards ideas!  And, since they have almost unlimited color options, I can change the color elements on the cards to match my bright and sunny personality.  😉  I can even order a printed sample before ordering a whole batch to make sure the card is perfect!

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Buy Them Coffee

My love language is quality time so I adore getting coffee with a loved one and chatting for hours.  Unfortunately, when people are far away, that is much harder to do.  One fun way to get around this is by setting up a coffee date from afar.  Schedule a time you’re both free to facetime, zoom, or whatever virtual hang out floats your boat and have that coffee date.

But don’t stop there!  A great way to bring joy to your loved one is to send them a gift card to their favorite coffee place the day of your coffee date.  They won’t be expecting it and it will be an added layer of love.

Mail a Hug

I know people *cough*grandparents*cough* miss hugging their little people when they’re away from them.  Nothing can make up for missing out on a hug but mailing a hug is a fun thing to do anyway!  All you have to do is get a large roll of paper and trace your child’s upper body – including their outstretched arms.  Let your kiddo decorate however they want, cut it out, and mail it off!

You bound to get some happy responses when loved ones receive a mailed hug from their favorite little ones.  Nothing brings more joy than knowing you’re being thought of and that you’re incredibly loved!

How do you bring joy to others?  Tell me in the comments!

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How to bring joy to others

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