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Making Your Believer’s Baptism Service Even More Memorable

October 28, 2020

Your child has chosen to be baptized and now you’re planning their believer’s baptism service.  Here are a few ideas of how to make the day a bit more memorable and special.

memorable believers baptism service

This weekend my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to baptize our oldest son.  Our church believes in believer’s baptism and, therefore, waits until a person has decided for himself to follow Christ before choosing to be baptized.  Caleb is nearly six and, although he is young, he has a huge heart for the Lord and chose for himself to be baptized, displaying his belief in the Gospel of Jesus.

Before quarantine, Caleb had been asking Nate and me if he could be baptized.  We had been talking about it with him and felt he understood and was ready to make that step.  Then the world shut down.

Our church has been meeting in person since Washington began allowing that again and, without prompting, Caleb asked us again if he could be baptized.  We never want to pressure our children into anything like believer’s baptism because we believe it fully needs to be their decision but, once he had decided, we were thrilled to put the plans in place to have it happen.

Baptism is such an important aspect of the Christian faith and, as such, I believe it deserves more than just a little nod during a church service.  Here are a few things we did (and a few extra ideas we didn’t do) that helped Caleb’s baptism be a little more memorable and special for him.  We pray it’s a day he always remembers and he looks back at it with joy as he grows closer to the Lord.

A Memorable Believer’s Baptism Service

Hold a Special Baptism Event

Depending on your church and community, it could be special to hold an event specifically focused on baptism – either the baptism of just one individual or the baptism of multiple people.  This special time can be full of good friends, good food, and a reminder of all of our commitments to Jesus.  Since we’re still dealing with this whole global pandemic thing, we opted to have the baptism during a normal church service and invite Caleb’s grandparents to attend but not make it bigger than that.

Speak a Verse Over Them

It can be special to choose a verse to speak over or dedicate to your child when he is baptized.  Caleb is a deep thinker and always wants to know all the things so we chose 2 Peter 3:18 as a reminder for his life – “But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and forever! Amen.”

Pray a Special Prayer

Prayer is absolutely powerful so praying a special prayer over your child when he is baptized is a sacred moment.  I had the opportunity to pray over Caleb directly after he was baptized and felt so privileged to be able to pray for God’s guidance as he grows and that he will be used for great things for the kingdom of the Lord.

Ask Others to Pray Blessings

When appropriate, asking others to speak words of truth into the life of your child or pray blessings over them can be so beautiful.  I feel as though this can best be fit in if you are doing an event that is focused on baptism but you could absolutely speak with the pastoral staff at your church and see if it is something that could be done during the normal service.  Another option would be to have a baptism celebration and ask the attendees to pray blessings over your child at that point.

Ask Others to Hold the Child Accountable

Those who witness a child’s baptism (or anyone’s baptism) have the unique privilege of graciously reminding that child of the commitment he has made to the Lord.  Just as the attendees of a wedding should hold couples up, encouraging them and speaking life into their marriage, those who witness a baptism have the same honor.

Write Special Notes

Someday you child will have the opporunity to look back on his baptism and it would be so special for him to have thoughtful notes written from those who love him speaking life over him and encouraging him in his walk with the Lord.  The notes are perfect to be read on the day of his baptism and then in the future when he’s wanting them.

Buy Your Child a Bible

A child’s first real Bible is such a precious gift.  We didn’t end up getting Caleb one when he was baptized because he received one on his first day of kindergarten instead. (He was already reading and REALLY wanted to read the Bible on his own)  I personally like the NIrV translation for younger kids because it is a quality translation that uses simpler words.  It is written at a third grade reading level and is great for earlier readers.

Buy Your Child a Special Piece of Jewelry

If we end up having a girl someday, we will give her a special piece of jewelry when she is baptized.  So far God has only give me boys and my boys are wild and crazy and totally NOT into jewelry so Caleb missed out on this gift.

What did you do to make your believer’s baptism service a bit more special?

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