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Family Christmas Activities {Matching Family Pajamas}

November 8, 2020

These are fun family Christmas activities that are perfect to bring the wonder of the holidays.  These are perfect to bring joy to your family for Christmas!  From matching family pajamas to advent ideas, you’re going to want to check out this list!

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Ok, I know, this is early.  I don’t believe in Christmas starting until after Thanksgiving but here I am writing a Christmas post on the 8th of November.  Maybe it’s that 2020 has gotten under my skin and I’ve realized how important fun holiday traditions are.  Maybe it’s that I love planning so figuring out Christmas tradition plans early makes my heart happy.  Whatever it is, I thought I’d share some of my favorite family Christmas activities with you.  You’re welcome.

Family Christmas Activities

Matching Family Pajamas

I’m willing to admit that I’m extra and have a huge thing for matching clothes on my three boys.  It’s even better when I can have my whole family dress in matching clothes!  I get some push back when I’m trying to get us all out of the house in cutsey matching clothes but even my husband is on board with matching pajamas!

This year we got cute plaid reindeer matching family pajamas from Iffei and I can’t wait to spend the whole Christmas season enjoying our fun and festive jammies!  You can get them on the Iffei site or Amazon (taking advantage of Amazon Prime!) and I love how affordable they are!  The sizes run pretty true to size but if you’re a curvy mama like me I’d recommend sizing up so they’re not quite so snug on your hips.

Read Christmas Books

One thing that I go between loving and being overwhelmed by in my home is the number of books we have and how they take over every room.  It’s so wonderful to share my love of reading with my children but someday I’m GOING to live in a home where I can have a whole wall of bookshelves so books are not overflowing everywhere.

At Christmas, I love pulling out stacks of Christmas books and enjoying special stories we only read for a month out of the year.  I previously shared my favorite children’s books about the true meaning of Christmas but there are SO MANY other Christmas books I would recommend you adding to your collection!  When in doubt, always get the book!

Bake Cookies

One of my favorite traditions is making cookies with my boys.  We pick out four or five cookies and spend days baking, decorating, and packaging up.  Our kitchen basically looks like a bakery for a week or so.  Even though it’s a total mess, it’s such a special time of dancing to Christmas music, teaching my boys how to bake, and encouraging hearts of giving in my boys.  After the cookies have all been packaged up, we love delivering them to our friends and neighbors.  That may not happen this year (you know, germs and all that) but I’m believing that it will only be a year break and then we’ll be back to it!

Looking for some good cookie recipes?
Gingersnap Cookies
Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies
No Bake Oatmeal Cookies

Advent Devotionals

It’s important to me that my family focuses on the true meaning of Christmas.  All the family Christmas activities mean nothing if we’re not remembering the birth of Jesus.  We love doing Christmas advent devotionals as a family to reflect on the coming of Jesus and looking forward to His return.  I wrote some short advent devotionals a few years ago if you’re looking for quick reflections.  Otherwise I’ve linked some wonderful family advent devotionals.

The Candle of Hope
The Candle of Peace
The Candle of Joy
The Candle of Love
The Christ Candle

Have a Special Meal

There’s something so heart filling about having a special Christmas Eve meal tradition.  Growing up, my family went out for Chinese food every Christmas Eve.  It was a wonderful reminder of our years of living in Taiwan.  I wanted to have a special tradition with my family as well but my husband has to work on Christmas Eve…  Life of a pastor, amiright?  A few years ago we started a tradition of having a snack food picnic early dinner in front of the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve before Nate has to head to the Church.  We have bri, fancy crackers, salami, and more for us adults and pizza rolls, taquitos, and more for the kiddos.

What family Christmas activities do you do every year?
Do you get matching family pajamas for Christmas?

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matching family pajamas. family for Christmas. family Christmas ideas

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