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Gift Ideas for Busy Boys

November 23, 2020

These gift ideas for busy boys are perfect Christmas presents or birthday presents.  The rough and tumble boys in your life will love anything off this list!

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gift ideas for busy boys

When I envisioned my life as a mom, I saw my children being calm little people who love crafts, reading, and playing quietly.  My kids do like all those things but I was also blessed with three BOYS so they also are loud, wild, and busy.  I’ve learned to find both joy in the chaos and toys that funnel their energy.

Now, don’t get me wrong, these toys are just as good for busy girl…  I just don’t have any of those.  😉

Gift Ideas for Busy Boys

Kid Trax Spiderbike

What kid doesn’t want their own little vehicle to ride around on?  My boys are getting this Spiderbike I linked (don’t tell them!) but Kid Trax has TONS of other vehicles ranging from ATVs to construction vehicles!

Shark Strike RC

This radio control car (shark) is built for stunts with its impressive speed and 360 degree spins!  Your child is sure to spend hours of fun with this shark…  Just be prepared for him to attack you with it.  😉  Recommended for ages 4+


What better way is there to get energy out than a trampoline?  I mean, I really don’t think I need to say anything else.  😉

2-in-1 Lightsaber

Anyone else have a child absolutely OBSESSED with Star Wars… even if they’ve never seen it?  My boys are constantly using my broom handles as lightsabers so this 2-in-1 lightsaber is perfect for them.  Use it as two lightsabers or combine the bases to have it become a double sided lightsaber.  Recommended for ages 3+

Ooly Craft Supplies

Sometimes you have to encourage your busy boys to sit still for a while and Ooly craft supplies are the perfect things to hand them to work with!  These craft supplies are colorful, unique, and exciting enough to keep busy kids engaged.

Avengers Action Figures

My boys are always pretending to be superheros so little superhero figurines help them reframe their energy into a toy, not into attacking their brother.  These figures are 3.75 inches tall and come with four characters.  Recommended for ages 3 months+

Hover Soccer Set

There are times when it’s impossible to get your kids outside (you know, like when it’s been raining for 9 months in the Pacific Northwest) so an indoor hover soccer set is a great activity to get your kids moving and active!  Recommended for ages 3+

Walkie Talkies

It’s so much fun for kids to communicate with one another over walkie talkies.  Get one for each of your kids (and even yourself) for tons of fun!  Recommended for ages 3+

Strongarm Nerf Gun

We love nerf guns at our house.  We have rules in place to keep our battles safe and non-agressive so they’re always fun.  There are SO many different nerf gun options to choose from so get one for each member of the family and enjoy! Recommended for ages 8+

What gift ideas for busy boys would you add to this list?

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