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STEM Gift Ideas

November 20, 2020

If you’re looking for STEM gift ideas, you’ve come to the right place!  This STEM gift guide has nine amazing ideas that any science minded child would love!

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stem gift ideas

Raise you hand if you have a child in your life who is absolutely in love with all things STEM!  Isn’t it awesome to see our little people enjoy learning and playing at the same time?  Caleb had me write out his Christmas list this year and it was basically full of STEM gift ideas without him even knowing it!

I put together a STEM gift guide for you that includes items we already own, things we’re getting Caleb for Christmas, and a few other items that are on his wish list.  You’re sure to find the perfect gift for your science loving kiddo on this list!

STEM Gift Ideas

Playz Electrical Circuit Board Engineering Kit

This kit helps your child create their own circuit board!  Kids can learn how to wire, build, and engineer over 25+ exciting electronic experiments.  This kit is recommended for ages 8+ so I’m saving it for Caleb for next year.

Tobi™ Robot Smartwatch

Tobi Robot Smartwatch combines all the interactive features of a smartwatch with a playful robot that’s packed with personality.  This watch includes interactive games, takes pictures, includes a pedometer, and so much more!  Caleb is going to be PUMPED to find this under the tree this Christmas.  Recommended for ages 4+

WILD! Science Test Tube Chemistry Lab

Your child will love a chemistry lab that allows them to do 50+ real science experiments.  My boys are constantly asking to do experiments so having all the supplies in one kit would be perfect for them!  Recommended for ages 8+

Picasso Tiles

The magnet tiles you HAVE to get for your kids!  My boys absolutely adore Picasso Tiles so we’re constantly adding to their collection.  There are so many options of add ons and this is the set we’re getting them this year!  Recommended for ages 3+

Kids Beginner Microscope

Do you have a kid who loves examining things?  A microscope would be perfect!  Caleb’s not asking for one yet but he did get a magnifying glass for his birthday that he uses daily.  It’s only time before he wants a microscope too.  This one is affordable but seems wonderful  it offers 120x-1200x magnification and comes with all sorts of accessories.  Recommended for ages 8+

Fisher-Price Think & Learn Code-a-pillar Twist

Get your kids started with coding young!  This coding caterpillar allows your child to program a path, has cool music (and volume control), and includes 1000+ possible combinations!  Recommended for ages 3-6

Creative Forts

This fort building kit is a fun activity you can do over and over again.  After my boys spent hours using a kit like this for hours upon hours at their grandma’s house, I knew they needed it for themselves this Christmas.  Creative Forts comes with instructions to build tons of structures!  Recommended for ages 5+

Awesome Science Experiments for Kids

Caleb is obsessed with this book!  It includes 100+ STEM projects and explains why they work.  I love that most of the experiments include common objects found around the house so I’m not making tons of store runs!  Recommended for ages 5+

AOKESI Remote Control Robot Building Blocks

Are my kids the only ones obsessed with robots?  Caleb has been begging for a robot he can build that will actually work so he got this set for his birthday.  It’s the gift that keeps giving since the child gets to build it and then can drive it around.  Recommended for ages 7+

Bonus Idea: ELEGOO Smart Robot Car Kit

This kit allows kids to get a hands on experience.  They will learn programming, electronics assembling, and robotics knowledge while playing with their very own robotic car!  Recommended for ages 12+

What is your child’s favorite STEM gift idea?

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