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Toys that Develop Fine Motor Skills

November 24, 2020

This list of toys that develop fine motor skills is ideal for toddlers and young preschoolers.

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toys that develop fine motor skills

Shhh…  I have a secret for you.  I don’t like pointless toys.  If a toy is just a toy it’s just a space filler in my mind.  Yes, I let my boys have toys I don’t necessarily love because I’m a sacrificial mom, but those toys are few and far between.

Instead of pointless toys, I love my boys playing with toys that allow them to learn, be creative, and create.  I’ve actually written a post on how I pick out educational toys for my toddlers.

In the past I’ve shared gift guides that include preschool educational toys, non toy ideas, and preschool board games, so I thought a next good step would be sharing a list of toys that develop fine motor skills.

Toys that Develop Fine Motor Skills

Lacing Beads

Before having kids, I didn’t quite realize how hard lacing is.  😉  It’s definitely a skill that has to be worked on and these lacing beads are a perfect staring point.  Recommended for ages 3+

Foam Glider Airplane

Another thing kids need to work on is their throwing techniques.  Foam glider airplanes are awesome for that.  My boys love watching the airplanes float across the sky and try to get them to go farther and farther.  Recommended for ages 3+

Scissor Skills Book

Cutting practice has never been so fun!  This activity book combines your child’s love of animals with scissor skills.  Super adorable and super beneficial!

Shape Sorter

We love shape sorters at my house.  This one is perfect for the younger kids because it is sturdy, only has five shapes, and is easy to carry.  Recommended for ages 6 months+

Activity Busy Board

Busy boards are great for teaching all sorts of skills – tying shoes, screwing items in, turning knobs…  You can find boards that teach whatever skill your child needs to practice!  Recommended for ages 2+

Magic Flower Water Table

Anything that allows kids to scoop and pour water is great for building fine motor skills but this water table in specific is awesome because the child can actually watch the flower on the top bloom as they water it.  Also it’s basically the cutest thing!  Recommended for ages 2+

Stacking Peg Board Set

Stacking, sorting, matching, and all sorts of other activities can be taught using this fun peg board set.  Not only do these pegs encourage fine motor kills, they also strenthen hand/eye coordination!

Ooly Craft Supplies

Ooly craft supplies are a hit in our home.  They’re colorful, fun, and unique while inspiring creativity and teaching little people proper hand placement, coloring techniques, and drawing.  Check out the website to find all your craft supply needs!

Water Beads

If you have never (um… I mean… If your kids have never) played with water beads, you are seriously missing out!  Firstly, the way they grow is basically magic.  Secondly, they’re fun and squishy!  This kit I’ve linked even comes with ten fine motor tools for your child to play with. Recommended for ages 3+

What toys that develop fine motor skills would you add to this list?

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