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Five New Years Resolutions Ideas

January 5, 2021

Needing a few new years resolutions ideas to help you plan for the new year?  These five ideas for new years goals are sure to give you inspiration!  Make your plans for the new year and don’t look back!

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Welcome to 2021!  After this last year and all the craziness it brought into our lives, it’s hard to think about making goals for the new year.  I had tons of exciting, lofty goals for 2020 that fell flat on their faces when the world shut down in March.

As I tiptoe into this new year, I’ve decided that tons of exciting, lofty goals just aren’t wise right now.  This last year has reminded us that none of us can guess what the year has in store.  This DOES NOT mean we should just give in to dispair and refuse to hope for the future.  Instead, I’m using this next year as a year to set one or two big goals that don’t necessarily depend on the state of the world.

I’m dreaming big and encourage you to as well.

New Years Resolutions Ideas

Develop a Healthy Living Habit

I don’t know what your lifestyle is like but, if you’re like me, there are areas in your life that you know you could change to be a more healthy version of yourself.  Maybe you’ve been binge eating chips and ice cream during the pandemic and know you would feel so much better if you stopped.  Maybe you need to change up your whole diet in order to fuel your body with food that makes you feel good.

It could be that you need to move more.  You know your body needs you to go for more walks…  or even start to run.  Maybe your back hurts all the time and you know getting into a good yoga or pilates routine would help.

Maybe you need to develop different sleep routines, better hygiene habits, stop smoking, drink less…  the list could go on and on!

Figure out an area of your life where change would help you be a healthier version of you and set up goals to get there!

Create a Cleaning Routine

I tend to keep my house tidy and try to keep it picked up (I have three boys so it’s HARD) but I’m not the best at full on CLEANING my house.  At the base level it’s clean but there are a lot of spots that need some scrubbing.

All over the internet there are tips and tricks for deep cleaning routines (I even have one in my resource library) so you don’t have to come up with your own list.

Find a list that works for you and your home and then develop a practical routine that allows you to accomplish a full house cleaning without being overwhelmed.

Pursue a Big Financial Dream

We all have big financial dreams and they look different for each person.  It could be that you’re needing to pay off credit card, school, or medical debt.  It could be that you want to purchase a house… or a rental property.  Maybe you want to invest more or save for your kids’ schooling.  All these dreams are exciting and important!

This year my husband and I are planning on paying off our school debt, selling our house, and buying a new house!  These are all crazy and exciting financial goals and we’re pumped for them!

It could be that one thing holding you back from pursuing your big financial dreams is not knowing where to start.  I’d encourage you to look into Farther, an online wealth management platform that helps you take charge of your money.  You are able to set up unlimited goal based accounts that help you save for things that matter while optimizing your returns and utilizing tax-advantaged accounts to reduce your tax liability.  This type of private bank experience is no longer reserved for billionaires or those with generational wealth, it’s for you and me too!

Take Steps Toward a Lofty Goal

What is your big dream?  Do you even have one?  I went the longest time without any big dreams because I hated the thought of failing.  I’m changing that and, this year, I have a lofty goal that I’m taking steps toward.

Maybe your first step is coming up with a lofty goal.

Once you have that goal, break it up into TINY little steps you can take to accomplish the goal.  Want to write a book?  Have it be a goal to write 100 words a day.  Want to run a marathon?  Have a goal to run one more mile each week.  Want to learn to dance?  Buy a dance DVD before even signing up for classes.  Little steps will help you get there faster!

Set Healthy Technology Boundaries

I’m addicted to my phone.  There, I said it.

Let’s all learn to put healthy boundaries on our phones.  I have an alarm tell me when I’ve been on instagram for more than an hour a day.  I have hidden A TON of people on Facebook who’s posts I don’t need to see.  I’ve set limits on TV watching.

Think about what technology burdens you have.  Do you play too many video games?  Do you listen to too many podcasts?  Are you on twitter too much?  Figure out what needs to change and then set boundaries to break habits and start new ones.

What New Years resolutions ideas would you add to this list?

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New years resolutions ideas. Ideas for new years goals. Plans for the new year. Big new years goals

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