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15 of the Best Podcasts for Kids

June 2, 2021

Infomative, engaging, fun, and silly! Check out 15 of the best podcasts for kids and learn and laugh alongside your little one.

best podcasts for kids

“I’m bored!!!” yells my kindergartener from the backseat of the van.  It’s only been an hour and we’re driving across the state to visit family for the weekend.

It wasn’t long ago that a declaration like that would prompt me to pull out the DVD player, put on annoying kids music, or tell my son to look out the window and imagine.

All that changed when I was introduced to podcasts for kids!  Seriously, there are podcasts out there for everything, so why was I surprised to find out there were podcasts specifically for kids.  We’ve found the best podcasts for kids – ranging from science to storytelling to Bible lessons and now road trips (and lunches, and rest times, and play times…) are so much more fun and engaging!

I rounded up my boys’ favorite podcasts and then asked some friends to share podcasts their kids enjoy.  You’re sure to find something your kid will love in this podcast roundup!

The Best Podcasts for Kids

Lamplighter Kids Stories

Kids learn best through narrative so, in this podcast, Rebecca and Momo McSquirrel bring virtues to life as they tell fun stories your kids are sure to enjoy.  Simple questions are included at the end of each episode to help you go deeper with your child as they take the virtue to heart.

Hank the Cowdog

Many of us probably grew up reading the Hank the Cowdog books.  Now our kids can listen to the adventures of the very same dog on a podcast.  Hank the Cowdog (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) is the self-declared “Head of Ranch Security” and always gets into mistief as he attempts to help solve mysteries all over Texas.

Circle Round

It’s so important for our kids to learn stories from countries and cultures all over the world.  Circle Round adapts folklore from around the world into radio plays for children to enjoy.  Each story focuses on important themes like kindness, persiverence, and generosity and includes questions at the end to encourage discussions between parents and children.

Wow in the World

So many amazing things are happening all over the world and Wow in the World shares stories about the latest news in science, technology, and innovation.  Kids and grownups alike are sure to be “wowwed” listening to this podcast!

Go Kid Go

Go Kid Go are a collection of different story podcast shows and your child is bound to find one (or more!) show they can’t get enough of.  From Bobby Wonder, who just found out he’s from another planet to Lucy Wow who loves to ask “what if?” as she designs and makes cool mechanical inventions…  There’s a story for everyone in the Go Kid Go collection!

God’s Big Story

God’s Big Story is put on by the Village Church.  Each episode includes a teaching about the Bible, songs to sing, and so much more!

Reading Bug Adventures

This story podcast invites your child to hop into the Reading Bug’s magic book bag and embark on a story adventure.  Each episode includes catchy songs that your child is sure to enjoy!

Molly of Denali

Molly is an Alaskan Native girl and, through listening to Molly of Denali, your child gets to join her on adventures and discover what it’s like to be a typical kid in Alaska!

Story Pirates

The Story Pirates podcast is full of exciting stories sure to bring joy to your child.  Each episode is put together by a nationally renowned group of top comedians, musicians, best-selling authors, and incredible teachers with fifteen years of experience creating content that celebrates the imaginations of kids.

Stories Podcast

Stories Podcast will delight your child as they tell both classic and new stories.  The Stories Podcast prides themselves in ensuring their stories are all kept at a G rating so they’re safe for even the littlest of ears.

Papa’s Bible Stories

Parents are the perfect people to teach Bible stories to their kids.  Papa’s Bible Stories is a dad sharing Biblical stories with his kids, teaching them scripture, and having fun together.  It’s like sitting in on another family’s devotional time!

But Why

Raise your hand if your kid asks “why?” about 292442985 times a day!  This podcast is perfect for an inquisitive mind.  Kids send in their “why” questions and they are answered by experts in that field!

Greeking Out from National Geographic Kids

Greek mythology includes some absolutely amazing stories of heros, monsters, gods, and goddesses.  This podcast tells ancient Greek stories in a way that engages and entertains kids.


Storynory is another podcast that tells both classic and origional stories.  These beautifully read storie are an absolute delight!

What if World

What if World is another podcast aimed at inquisitive kids.  This time, instead of “why?” it answers “what if?”  These are silly scenarios that get answered in such fun ways!

What podcast would you add to a list of the best podcasts for kids?

best podcasts for kids

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