• Advent Scripture Writing Challenge

    November 17, 2020

    This Christmas season, you are invited to join in on an advent scripture writing challenge that will change your life! Affilitate links are used in this post I think we’re all entering this advent season with heaviness in our hearts.  No matter how excited we are for the upcoming holidays, there are shadows in the…

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  • Making Your Believer’s Baptism Service Even More Memorable

    October 28, 2020

    Your child has chosen to be baptized and now you’re planning their believer’s baptism service.  Here are a few ideas of how to make the day a bit more memorable and special. This weekend my husband and I had the amazing opportunity to baptize our oldest son.  Our church believes in believer’s baptism and, therefore,…

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  • 10 Marriage Tips to Help You Stay In Love

    October 7, 2020

    Are there any little things you could be doing in your marriage to help the spark stay alive?  These 10 marriage tips will help you stay in love as you appreciate and care for you spouse. Photos by Mandi McDougall Photography I would venture to guess that the vast majority of us get married, longing…

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  • Gratitude Journaling for all Emotional States

    October 2, 2020

    What’s your emotional state?  Are you exuding gratefulness?  Are you just going through the motions?  Are you in the depths of dispair?  God has a word for YOU on how to find or remain in a heart of thanksgiving.  Gratitude journaling is for all! What is Gratitude Journaling? Before I really start talking about gratitude…

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  • How to Send Joy to Others

    July 22, 2020

    Even when you’re away from a loved one, it’s fun to find ways to love on them.  If you’re wondering how to bring joy to others, this post is for you! Thank you Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. In today’s world, very few of us live near all the people we love.  We move…

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  • How to Talk to Your Child About Difficult Topics

    July 7, 2020

    Navigating hard topics with kids isn’t easy!  These tips will help you learn how to talk to your child about difficult topics. I don’t know what it’s like where you live but things are still pretty crazy around here with all this quarantine, phases of reopening, masks, school opening, and all the things.  Sometimes I…

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  • Tips for Managing Anxiety During a Crisis

    April 7, 2020

    We are living in an unprecedented time and so many of us are feeling the weight of anxiety.  These tips for managing anxiety may help alleviate some of the stress you are feeling. Disclaimer: I am NOT a medical professional – this is all my personal opinion and the opinions of other non-professionals.  The information…

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  • Raising Strong and Courageous Boys

    February 25, 2020

    Joshua 1:9 encourages us to follow Joshua’s lead and “be strong and courageous.”  It’s a big calling.  How do we about about raising strong and courageous boys?  It all boils down to one thing! Six years ago I found out I was pregnant with my first child.  I had no idea who he was yet…

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