• Part 3: Becoming His Fiance (Part 2)

    June 29, 2012

    See part one (where Nate and I became friends), part two (all that led up to Nate and me “becoming official”), and part three (leading up until we were engaged). ——— It was a dreary February day in Spokane.  (The 12th, to be exact)  My best friend, Heather, had asked me to go to lunch with her and…

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  • Part 3: Becoming His Fiance (Part 1)

    June 27, 2012

    See part one, where Nate and I became friends and part two, all that led up to Nate and me “becoming official.” ——— The summer was a wonderful time to build our relationship from a distance.  Since phone calls, emails, and even snail mail were all we had, good communication skills were a must.  We…

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  • Part 2: Becoming His Girlfriend

    June 19, 2012

    Part two of our love story.  See part one, which left off with me thinking our Junior/Senior Banquet date was just a friends thing… ——— Junior/Senior Banquet was tons of fun!  I had a blast swing dancing the night away, spending time with lots of friends, and looking all pretty.  It quickly became apparent to…

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  • Part 1: Becoming His Friend

    June 14, 2012

    I distinctly remember the day I met Nate.  I was a silly nineteen year old, beginning my second year of college.  He was one of the new guys at Multnomah, back in the States after having spent his first year out of high school in Sweden (yes, I do still deal with jealousy issues over that).…

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