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  • My Man

    I’ve got to say, I just love my husband!  I love how he truly is my best friend.  I love…

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  • Memorial Day Weekend

    Cannon Beach Friends Ocean Firewood Fire Handsome hubby bringing more wood All in all a great day!

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  • Upcycled: Coffee Table

    When Nate was a poor, starving college student getting an apartment settled with four other guys, our pastor’s wife graciously…

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  • Another Whirlwind Trip

    This weekend Nate and I jumped in the car, once again, and drove far, far away to the land of…

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  • Scootin’

    We’ve been crazy busy this week!  It mainly consisted of lots of work and a whirlwind trip to Snohomish/Mt. Vernon/lots…

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  • Nerd Alert!

    I have a question for you…  Doctor Who? Yes, Nate and I were sucked into all things Doctor by Nate’s…

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  • Portland Bloggers

    This past weekend I decided to do something out of the norm for me and went to the Portland Bloggers…

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  • Life…

    Life is so short! Today a girl Nate and I attended college with passed away unexpectedly.  She was taken into…

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