• I debated long and hard - should I get married in college? Would it kill my goals and dreams? I did, and what I learned through it shocked me!

    Should I Get Married While in College?

    May 4, 2016

      I remember a fear that I had when we first became engaged.  I wondered if what people projected on me was true:  would my dreams really come to a halt when I became married?  What I found was quite the opposite. My husband I met in college and were married as college students; I…

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  • Christmas with a toddler can get crazy. Thankfully, there are tons of things you can do to keep your sanity and allow your kiddo to have fun all season long!

    Celebrating Christmas With a Toddler

    December 23, 2015

    Toddlers are crazy little people. One minute they’re doing fine, happily playing with their toys, and the next they’re attempting to climb the Christmas tree. (Oh, that’s just Caleb??? My bad!) I’ve found that Christmas can be a stressful time with my little man. I want to enjoy the season with him as we are…

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